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  1. 300blackout

    California Ford Performance Oil Separator / Catch Can - Passenger Side

    Hi, I live in San Jose. I don't have the paper instructions (that's what I received) but there are a lot of posts on the forums. I can find something online for you. It's literally two hoses.
  2. 300blackout

    California Caliperfexion Caliper Stainless Studs and Extensions (NEW)

    Brand new never installed Caliperfexion Stainless front brake caliper studs and Extension kit. Per Caliperfexion website: " Replace your one-time use factory front brake caliper bolts with much superior, stainless studs. Threads on both ends are rolled for exceptional strength and smoothness...
  3. 300blackout

    California Ford Performance Oil Separator / Catch Can - Passenger Side

    For Sale is a very new FP Oil catch can. I bought it pre-owned in anticipation for my GT350. Plans didn't work out and I didn't get the car. It's now for sale $110 Free shipping in the continental US. It comes complete with the hoses and clips. Paypal please add 3% to cover Paypal fees. thank...
  4. 300blackout

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    That's awesome! I wish all Voodoo engines were built like yours!
  5. 300blackout

    Anyone know how to disable magnaride?

    No no, no popcorns please! It was an honest question. I had KW Clubsports before and I'm curious if Magnaride is better or worse.
  6. 300blackout

    Anyone know how to disable magnaride?

    Curious why after-market coilover kits over Magnaride or Magnaride w/ DSC controller? Curious what the benefits are..thanks..
  7. 300blackout

    Rear Diff Cooler Lines popped off on 3rd track lap

    Can you please provide more detail about what happened with your original motor? I'm compiling a spreadsheet and keeping count of these issues. See my signature below. Thanks
  8. 300blackout

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    I've found that most engines use oil to some extent. I think that Excel spreadsheet should be named as Replaced Engines, regardless of reason because we still don't know the cause of engine problems or the cause of oil consumption. So if the motor was replaced, it's going on the spreadsheet...
  9. 300blackout

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    First, I like the look. The GTS is a great touring car, sounds great, awesome DCT transmission, etc.. and I'm keeping it. I'm looking a second car mainly for track. I like the gt350's look, manual transmission, etc..
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    2019 models around the corner, GT500, Mid-engine Vettes, offerings from Dodge, and the pre-owned market is flooded
  11. 300blackout

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    The 'blown engine spreadsheet' is growing still guys. I'm no longer actively counting, I just add entries when I bump across people's posts now. Man this is not good! Maybe waiting for a 2019 is out of the picture if this list keeps growing as people put more miles on these cars! Link to my...
  12. 300blackout

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Sorry to hear of your engine's failure. Please keep us posted with what you find out. How many miles on your car when this happened?
  13. 300blackout

    [FatFab] Twin Turbo GT350 w/ Motec M150 ECU

    Hi Ben, Can you compare how your turbo system is different from another turbo system such as Hellion. Can you compare the turbo differences, components, design philosophy. Basically, why should we buy YOUR offering.
  14. 300blackout

    Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

    For what reason were they not finishing?
  15. 300blackout

    Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    Thank you for the clarification 50 Deep. These wheels are beautiful, and at a great price point. Nice that you publicize your offsets too unlike some manufacturers that guard them like top secret sauce. Offset isn't that hard to figure it and it helps the consumer decide which offset they want...
  16. 300blackout

    [FatFab] Twin Turbo GT350 w/ Motec M150 ECU

    Do offer a turbo kit that the customer can install in their home state or are the kits true customs and the vehicle needs to be shipped to you?
  17. 300blackout

    options for aftermarket connecting rods & pistons for the Voodoo 5.2

    Subscribed! Please update us with your progress!
  18. 300blackout

    So my battery is not holding charge

    Get a lithium battery to save weight.