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  1. Lunds MY18 manual gets 430/401 SAE corrected

    Impossible the 2018 made 430hp with the same intake as the 2015-2017s
  2. Gt350 intake with stock TB and air box?

    No, but I picked up 2.5-3 mph over the stock manifold. The stock tube looks small but look at the helmholtz resonator and ad it to the volume of the tube. That is why you need a huge tube of you don't have the helmholtz resonator.
  3. Gt350 intake with stock TB and air box?

    I have been running the stock TB, Stock tube, and stock air box/k&n panel filter with my Gt350 manifold for a year now. Car runs awesome, trapped 117 in 3000ft D/A, stock exhaust.
  4. Pmas Intake New Design

    Next it will come with no heat shield claiming that the old design was to restrictive.
  5. V6 vs GT MT

    Bro right over
  6. V6 vs GT MT

    I hate that I bought a GT instead of a V6. I hate running 11s N/A with minimal effort and the aftermarket support for the Coyote sucks. I hate being different then all the school teachers and old ladies in town as they laugh at me when they fly pastin their base V6 automatics. It is frustrating...
  7. Lund tuning question/initial tune doesn't run properly

    Contact Lund something is wrong, make sure nothing was missed during the install. Check everything over.
  8. Mishi Tube / K&N Filter / Pypes Mufflers / PBD E85 Tune: Dyno Results

    Disconnect tube from airbox, remove lid from box, rip out the carbon trap/filter.... that's it. I wouldn't touch anything else writhing the box. All those checkered squares within the lower box are there to reduce turbulence.
  9. Race Star owners, chime in.

    I had some issues too initially, when the wheel is on the studs there is a little bit of play because the lug nut actually slips through the wheel. Make sure the stud is centered in the hole. Start the first lug nut, but do not tighten it down, start the second (you might have to wiggle the...
  10. Odd Rev Hang Post CAI Install

    Inspect the insert, mine wasn't perfectly round, car ran like shit, had weird surge problems and was rough on the throttle.. I went back to the stock intake. Injen heatsoaks a lot more then the stock intake as well.
  11. Cold Air Intakes

    Save your money on a CAI, And get a Lund tune. The stock intake works great
  12. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Does anyone have a link of a guide to modify the BCM for gear changes? I tried searching but have found nothing... I know I have seen a guide before...
  13. Stock Intake snorkel and sealed intakes - How restrictive is it??

    The stock intake and tube work great. Take the volume of the helmholz resonator and add it to the tube. The resonators do more then just quiet the intake tract. Without helmoltz resonators the intake tube has to be HUGE to be able to flow as much because incoming air is fighting air that makes a...
  14. ET STREET R Bias ply

    The gt350 mani tapers off after 7600, but she still still pulls
  15. ET STREET R Bias ply

    I am running Bracket Racers all around, GTBOB I am screaming through the traps at 7900 in third lol... tried short shifting to 4th, lost 1mph and a tenth. I have a boosted guy that may swap his 3.73s with me, if not I will go with US gears 3.91s. 1.6 60s are tough with 3.31s I usually pull low 1.7s.
  16. ET STREET R Bias ply

    THIS... get those RPMS up I am a 3.31 car on 28in Hoosiers and it does fine launching at 6k. Gt350 mani, stock exhaust, stock intake box/tube left lane. D/A was about 2900 feet
  17. Install the GT350 Manifold with your stock Throttle Body >>

    Gt350 manifold, stock box, stock tube, stock TB stock exhaust besides Hpipe swapped for resonator, Lund flex, 3.31 car. D/A was about 2800-2900 ft. Would love to see what the car would run with sub 1000 D/A but will never happen where I live. race weight was around 3686. Car traps mid 116s with...
  18. is oil separator necessary ??

    Takes all of 25 seconds to swap it out with the stocker vacuum line if you take it to the dealer. No worries there.
  19. The "what things weigh thread."

    Decided to Lose some weight last night out to the strip. Pulled the passenger-seat, rear seat and the spare tire cover. Pleasantly suprised what my base GT mt82 scaled out to without seats, 1/4 tank of gas and racestars. Weight is without me in the car. Only option the car has is the rear view...