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  1. Jayme

    2018 GT A10 Upgrade questions

    No dealer will install "off road" headers. Huge EPA liability there.....
  2. Jayme

    Lund nGauge or Dyno tune!?

    Call Shaun at AED and be done with it. Best in the biz if you ask me.
  3. Jayme


    Junk. Do your research in the FI threads.
  4. Jayme

    Noob here, need advice, info.

    On my 15 I added 47lb Injectors
  5. Jayme

    Noob here, need advice, info.

    PMAS intake and AED flex fuel tune.
  6. Jayme

    PMAS air intake cover

    I have an Outerwears on mine.
  7. Jayme

    Need 3 inch H-pipe

    guy on ebay named mandrel bends can make you one. ive bought a few of his 3" narrow x pipes
  8. Jayme

    Coolant type?

    GM Dexcool works as well i heard.
  9. Jayme


    they are so great at marketing on these forums, wonder why they aren't responding here?
  10. Jayme

    Gill and intake

    Drill it out, shouldnt hurt anything.
  11. Jayme

    Vibrant 12" res. on Magnaflow Street Catback?

    When are you guys going to off the tru x muffler in 3"?
  12. Jayme

    Cat-back 2.5" versus 3.0" tubing

    i plan on revving mine to 8K+ with an all motor build. im building a new exhaust system soon with a short x pipe and 3" race mufflers with turndowns. In my thinking im not losing anything by going 3" at that RPM.
  13. Jayme

    CPR single Turbo - AED shop car

    Shaun is a bad motha..
  14. Jayme

    Dyno tuners? Bay Area?

    Shaun at AED in Shingle Springs
  15. Jayme

    Inconsistent Performance

    this. I'd contact Shaun at AED or Rob at Palm Beach Dyno asap.