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  1. Pursue a buyback?

    Since the car was bought used there is no buyback or lemon laws in any state that I am aware of. No dealer is going to take a return on a car that was sold nearly 2 years ago. My advice would be to get the car repaired again and just sell it.
  2. 2022 Eruption Green Saleen Black Label

    I used to have an 06 Saleen SC and I loved that car. Saleen to me has always made wonderful cars. Sure they can be expensive but they are really same as any GT based tuning companys cars.
  3. Brenspeed FI

    I wouldnt pay 25K but you are also not going to everything they mention In that video installed and tuned for 15K. I have used Brenspeed on a couple cars in the past, SC 4.6 2v and a Saleen 3V. They have done right by me. I wouldn't hesitate to go back if price was competitive on my current...
  4. What is your longest destination in your Mustang GT? For long journey or trip.

    Fort Wayne Indiana to Tail of the Dragon and back. Fun trip.
  5. Financing question

    I guess it depends on the dealer but I have not met one yet that cares about me enough to give me a better deal without negotiating for it. If they wont give me $ out of the kindness of their heart, why should I? I guess every situation is different.
  6. Sales tax when buying out of state; up front vs rolling into loan?

    What am I missing here? Why does it matter if your $3,900 goes to pay the tax off or for a down payment? Either way the "loan amount" would be the same.

    Here are a few newer pics from the other weekend.
  8. I love it!

    This is not just a "Greedy Dealer" problem. The general public are flipping cars as well. They are buying a Bronco or whatever at MSRP if they can and then selling on an online auction, facebook, etc. That is just as bad.
  9. Lowering Springs Installation Labor Costs

    I am not 100% sure what I paid to have my springs installed but it was in the $400-$500 range with the alignment.
  10. Odometer readings on new cars

    I picked up my 20 January of 21 so it was at the tail end of the 20 model year. Had like 50 miles on it. Drive it like 300 home.
  11. More Ridiculous Used Mustang Prices (and a few Corvettes)

    According to this link about 34.8% of people in the United States are considered sub prime, which is a credit score lower than 580. https://www.cnbc.com/select/what-is-subprime-credit/ Terms are going up because people are only concerned about payment and are stretching things out to buy cars...
  12. Post Pictures of Your Car

    Shot from last year, different wheels now though.
  13. Any M1 Owners going to do a BOSS style side exhaust?

    I will keep an eye on it since you mention it but I have not seen anything on my car as of yet. Never saw much online good or bad before buying it. Doesn't seem like a popular mod, not surprising given cost for a midpipe.
  14. Any M1 Owners going to do a BOSS style side exhaust?

    I don't have a mach 1 but have a GT with the boss style side exhaust. It is nowhere near wild imo. For those that don't know, the kit comes with baffles to quiet it down or you can run it without baffles at all. You can also buy aftermarket baffles with different sized openings to adjust the...
  15. Drive Thru Pharmacy

    Two reasons really. 1 - A lot of customers/people are jerks. They do not respect other peoples time and feel they are owed whatever they want when they want. 2 - Pharmacies are massively understaffed like anywhere else and it just takes longer than normal to get stuff done. That is made 10x...
  16. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    Yeah except that is almost never what happens in the real world. Sure if you have the cash up front then yes you would be better off investing it. In reality what happens is nearly all new car buyers don‘t have the cash available to pay for it up front and are using long terms to get into...
  17. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    I am not opposed to financing a car, it can make a lot of sense in many cases but my issue is the vast majority of times someone signs up for a 7 year loan it is to get them in a car they shouldn't be in. Long terms and inflated prices are going to crush a lot of people financially when the...