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  1. GT500 CFTP vs 2024 Camaro Z28

    I for one would be interested in a LT6 A10 Z28. How would it compare to the CFTP? https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a43578551/2025-chevrolet-camaro-z28-future-cars/
  2. Photos with the enemy.

    Had a great car show this past weekend got to park along side of a nice ZL1, never did meet the owner though. OBX, NC.
  3. Decision Time - upgrade

    Ok have an opportunity to purchase a very low mileage 2020 GT500, CFP with Painted Stripes for 24k and my 2020 Base. I'm not really a track guy but I do love the CF upgrades over the Base model. My Base has approximately 1500 more miles than the CFP. Those who have made the jump was it worth...
  4. Any active duty Navy here?

    Shot in the dark. Any active duty Navy folks here? Have a son interested in joining would like to ask a few questions. PM me.
  5. Can we get a 5.2L V8 Predator Engine Mods & Bolt-Ons Sub-Forum?

    Moderators - Can we get something similar to the 5.2L V8 Voodoo Engine Mods & Bolt-Ons section found in the GT350 forum?
  6. S550 Gas Cover American Flag Emblem

    I have seen the American flag emblems on a few S550 mustangs. Does anyone know where to get these?
  7. WTB 2020 GT500 Lethal Race Pipes

    If you have a complete set for sale in good condition let me know.
  8. My Son's new to him 2019 GT A10

    I must say he picked out a great car, nicely modded. Pretty quick as well.
  9. Engine runs a bit rough on initial startup

    Quick question. I noticed that my 500 idles a bit rough when 1st startup after a few days of not being run. It will smooth out after a few minutes, and runs fine after that. Should I be concerned? Completely stock.
  10. Options for Rocker Stripes

    One option that I regret not getting on my 500 is the Black Ebony Vinyl Tape Stripes (rocker stripes), are there any aftermarket options out there which match OEM?
  11. Stock or near stock GT500s come on in.

    Getting ready to take my beast to the strip here, interested to hear from other owners what worked and didn't.
  12. Toyo R888R

    Just picked up a new GT500. I'd like to have some street fun and trips to the strip. No power mods planned. Are the Toyo R888R 315/30ZR20 the tire I want out back? Any issues running the stock fronts with these?
  13. E85 Gas Jugs

    Thinking about E85. Quick question in regards to fuel storage in 5-gallon jug. Can you store E85 fuel in a normal fuel 5-gallon jug red, or diesel jug yellow, for several weeks to a month at a time?
  14. Very nice numbers.

    Very impressed. GT350 with CAI and E85 tune 498 rwhp!
  15. End of the GT350 Production. What is Ford's plan?

    So now with the model year 2020 being the end of production for the GT350/R, what is Ford’s plan? Ford will have no N/A answer to the 2021 Camaro 1LE which will likely be faster with the announcement of the A10 now being an option. Ford will no longer have a GT350, no Boss, just a PP2 that can’t...
  16. Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    I'd like to know if any members have actually been denied warranty service or had their warranty cancelled due to simple tuning? I am assuming the vehicle was returned to stock prior to service by dealer. Has this actually happened to any members?
  17. Tune- Has anyone been denied or warranty voided?

    Wrong forum sorry.
  18. May pick up a 2019 GT350 Tomorrow

    Went to my local Ford dealer a few weeks back and was able to drive a beautiful well optioned 2019 GT350. I had driven a 2017 model a year or two back and while that felt really good this 19 just seems that much better in every way. I haven't been able to get this 2019 off my mind, so decided...