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  1. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    Now the weathers got better, what's everyone got planned for this year ? Upgraded oil pump and gears Upgraded crankshaft gear Upgraded harmonic balancer/damper Lightened water pump pulley Replace the rest of the pulleys, and AC and serpentine belts Replace AC condenser - current one the core is...
  2. 2016 GT PP AC Condenser

    My AC condenser has started to crumble away, it hasn't yet affected the AC performance, so I'm looking to replace it. Is there any benefit to replacing the condenser with an after market one or just stick to a new OEM Ford one ?
  3. Riddle Me This

    I've seen people using both and was wondering if there's a right or wrong answer.
  4. 2016 GT Coolant Reservoir

    Does anyone know whether the Mishimoto coolant reservoir is the same size as the Canton Racing ?
  5. No heating

    It's the first time I've used the heating in a long while as I didn't drive it last winter. Since it last worked I have done a fair amount of work on the car which has included refitting of all the coolant hoses and a coolant refill, a front mounted oil cooler fitted and a new thermostat...
  6. Mattwood

    It's a bit short notice but it's for a good cause Eventbrite
  7. Heated o2 sensors

    Should the heater control for oxygen sensors 11 and 12 both come on until they heat up and then go off, only my sensor 11 comes on and stays on ? Also heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor heater bank 1, sensor 1 and bank 2, sensor 1 come on but bank 1 sensor 2 and bank 2, sensor 2 don't. Is this...
  8. FORscan sensor logs

    Logs are from a 2016 GT I've condensed down the logs to try to make it easier to read, are these readings within an acceptable range for a 30 minute city drive ...
  9. MMR Roller Bearing Thrust System Oil Pump Backing plate

    Has anyone installed one of these, how easy was it and were there any noticeable differences ?
  10. Not seen that grille before

    Stumbled across the photo Googling for car parts - More photos here Holly Tree Cars
  11. Shaker Pro Upgrade

    My previous car had a Bose speaker system, so the Shaker Pro has always sounded poor. I'm by no means an audiophile but from what I've read nothing is plug and play, even simple speaker upgrades. I don't plan on spending thousands of pounds, so was hoping there were upgrade kits available to...
  12. Wow Dremel rotary tools are bad

    So last summer my cheapo Chinese rotary tool died after 15 years, so I decided to replace it with a nice new one. So I bought a Dremel 4300, after 6 months it started having power and speed issues so I sent it back to Dremel. They replaced it with a brand new one in February, then on Tuesday the...
  13. GT500KR

    Shelby American is proud to announce the 3rd generation Shelby GT500KR! Based on the world class Ford Shelby GT500, the KR will boast 900+ horsepower, forged wheels, upgraded suspension, carbon fiber body components, and an updated interior. The GT500KR is extremely limited, only 60 unites will...
  14. Is my diff leaking ?

    Other side looks ok
  15. The Woes of "Overnighting parts from Japan"

    What did you purchase where you experienced either a poor product or service, or the product was damaged in transit and how it was resolved by the retailer ? Roush CAI from AM - I was sent the wrong fitting, so the tube wouldn't fit the air box. Took months to get the right part but AM...
  16. QA1 Carbon Driveshaft

    Finally received my driveshaft....
  17. 2016 GT Cams

    Has anyone swapped their cams, I've read it's a good way to make power but I've also read the GT350 TB causes tuning issues and a loss of low down power ?
  18. Vert Drivers & Tunnnels

    Sorry, not sorry 😬 How do you vert drivers handle the noise ?
  19. Bank Holiday Weekend !!!!

    So what's everyone up to, where you driving, what you wrenching on ? Me, I got a load of engine and suspension parts I need to fit, so it better not rain 😡
  20. Fog lights stopped working

    I don't know when they stopped working but the Diode Dynamics SS3 worked when I installed them. I checked the fuse diagram and found nothing that pointed to a specific fuse so I checked them all under the bonnet and the foot well and none were blown. I swapped back the original light and still...