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  1. Prop shaft centre bearing… how much movement should there be?

    When you put the clutch in does the sound drop off ?
  2. There are sounds, and then there's sounds

    Mach 1 vs Mach 2 🤣
  3. GT101 Open Day

    Worth the trip !
  4. I didn't stay out of a Mustang long

    Boooo, ban him !!!! 😝
  5. New Rear Calipers

    There's actually 2 colours of the GT350R brake kits too, red and black.
  6. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    I actually got a reply from Tasca too, the A/C line is on back order but they'll ship it once it comes into stock. Oops looks like I may have also ordered 2x Boundary Crank Sprockets CM-SP-15 too
  7. New Rear Calipers

    Just remember Tasca Parts aren't consistent, I've had quick hassle free orders but everyone is different and resolving them isn't easy. I've had orders where they've added random parts (F150 door handle), where they haven't updated the order and sent the wrong part (had to claim on my credit...
  8. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    You need to play hardball, it's going to cost them a lot in time and money to fix. I bet there also isn't too many spare either being rhd.
  9. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    New parts :party: Tasca Parts strikes again, they sent me 3 door actuators and forgot 1 of the A/C lines :facepalm:
  10. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    Turns out someone forgot to put a hazard sticker on the box and it was nearly loaded onto the wrong plane. I dunno what they think I'm shipping lol
  11. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    3 parcels shipped at the same time, from the same place for Thursday delivery: Parcel 1: Delivered today Parcel 2: Just cleared customs Parcel 3: Operational Delay ??? Dafuq FedEx
  12. GT101 Open Day

    I was just walking back from Halfords thinking it was today and i'd missed it.
  13. New Rear Calipers

    We have completely different part numbers too, it's a way for Ford to discourage us from buying from the US, so they can charge double or triple the price from UK dealers.
  14. Car Mods, Upgrades and Repairs For 2023

    All parts are in stock and have been shipped by Tasca. :handsinair:
  15. New Rear Calipers

    I usually do my own research on the parts and then untick the VIN check because it throws up lots of incompatibilities even when the parts are fine. Tasca also don't hold the parts so you generally have to wait, so my order I placed 6 days ago has just been shipped.
  16. Free for collection - Ford Mustang rubber front and rear matts plus rubber boot liner

    This will probably get moved to Classifieds/Market Place and you'll need pics with your name on
  17. New Rear Calipers

    OEM parts (From the US) are cheap enough to not have to buy used. Me, I'm waiting till mine are completely worn out and replacing them with the GT350R kit.
  18. Private track hire

    Don't they only test you at the start though, so closed valves for test and then opened for the race ?
  19. Private track hire

    Doesn't the Mach 1 come with the active exhaust, does it not work very well ?