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  1. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    With the Mach, I've been looking forward to returning to the track on a more regular basis again. So I'll occasionally be updating this thread with progress and adventures. I can't believe it's been over 5 years since I relinquished my GT350. In the middle of that, I raced for a little over a...
  2. Felt cheap, upgraded Sync with navigation

    I balked at the $599 navigation option when I knew I'd have my phone plugged in and using CarPlay most of the time anyway. When I got the car and started playing with the digital cluster, pressing the nav button just brought up the compass poking fun at me for not ticking every box on the order...
  3. FS: Forgestar CF5V 19x11 +50ET Wheels + Hoosier R7s

    Edit: wheels are sold, but Hoosiers are still here. Hoosier R7 (2) 295/35/19 and (2) 315/30/19, $250 but local pickup only.
  4. FS: 2017 Mustang GT350, Grabber Blue, Track Prepped

    H0288, Grabber Blue, White Stripes, Convenience Package, 10k miles Chandler, AZ 1FA6P8JZ0H5520317 I want to get into wheel-to-wheel racing but it will just never happen if I need to keep making big car payments, so with heavy heart I’m going to try to get this sold and move on. Built-to-order...
  5. Mustang Shelby FP350S Unveiled.

    If you can't afford that GT4 for the track, how about an FP350S which looks to be the true successor to the Boss 302S. Press release is now live... https://performance.ford.com/series/road-racing/news/articles/ctsc/2016/12/ford-performance-reveals-shelby--fp350s.html [ame]
  6. Track Tour WHP videos are here

    Track Tour videos from Wild Horse Pass are now in your mailbox if you went! Turnaround time was about 7 weeks. It's a nice short little video package. I just wish I was better at public speaking :(
  7. On the ground at the first GT350 Track Attack

    My body is ready. Basic dinner and mingling tonight in an unfortunately bare room where the Miller museum used to be. It will be bittersweet for anyone that has been there prior. But the good news is that FRS GM Dan McKeever shared that they are operating at UMC with a 4-year commitment. I...
  8. MSRP deal in Phoenix, locals only

    A dealer here just got another allocation for '16. If you're interested, let me know and I can try and hook you up. They want it to go to a local buyer however.
  9. Ford Performance Hood Struts are in the catalog now

    M-16826-MA $99 http://fordperformanceracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=25911
  10. mattlqx's New Year GT350

    Traded this Deep Impact Blue for a Grabber Blue '17 on 7/18/16! http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1395593&postcount=104 I picked up my car on NYE after a mind-torturing wait. My wait was far less than what some of the guys with earlier builds have or even still are experiencing...
  11. Most hilarious GT350-related item on eBay

    Wow, some people. A printed copy (laserjet!!!!) of the 8 page order guide for the low low price of $1.25 per page, plus shipping, natch. :lol: :lol: http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/291607571223
  12. 2013 Boss 302, GHIG

    No buyers, sold off to a dealer.
  13. In other Ford ADM news, Focus RS ordering details live

    More Focus RS details were released today and Ford has a US configurator up for it. They're going to import 2000 units to the US (they're all made in Germany) and MSRP ranges from $37k to $43k. Anybody want to place bets on whether this will be another GT350-like shitshow to try and get one?
  14. Action shot of my GT350R on track

    .... in Forza 6 :lol: Unfortunately as close as I'll get to owning an R for a while.
  15. How many dealers are holding back?

    I know many people have done extensive calling to dealers. My question isn't about deals people have secured but instead around dealers that have put in orders for their allocation themselves and not sold them yet. I know of a dealer that told me that have an allocation of 8 (base and R...