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  1. Pre-painted lightning blue

    Does any vendors offer parts such as spoilers, side scoops, etc painted in lightning blue? I've been thinking about getting a roush spoiler but I can't find any offered pre-painted in lightning blue and I don't want the hassle of having to take it somewhere to have it painted.
  2. Stainless works catback

    My 2017 GT should be here in 2-3 weeks and I would like to have exhaust here waiting to go on day one. After months of research, listening to videos, I think I have decided on the Stainless Works H pipe catback. It was a tough back and forth decision as many other systems sound amazing as well...
  3. What is this on the front bumper

    New guy here and I am about to place an order for a 2017. :headbang: I was browsing autotrader one last time for a '16 to avoid the wait and saw this mustang that has this what looks to be some sort of 2 inch circle plug/cover looking thing on the passenger side of the front bumper. Google has...