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  1. Ordered my 2023 today and question about spoiler delete

    Exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks!
  2. Ordered my 2023 today and question about spoiler delete

    Alrighty, I'll definitely call them in the morning!
  3. Ordered my 2023 today and question about spoiler delete

    My dealer ordered my 2023 mustang today and I decided to go with the spoiler delete, but on the order sheet from DORA, it shows "blade decklid spoiler" as an option. Do I need to call my dealer and make sure the spoiler delete was input correctly?
  4. 2016 Power Pack 2 NLS Not Working

    I switched out to the Steeda spring. But now I think I probably lifted just a hair. I'll have to give it another try fully committed. Thanks!
  5. 2016 Power Pack 2 NLS Not Working

    I've been running the power pack 2 on my 2016 for a week now. I love the extra pull and higher redline. It really changed the car for the better. That said, I don't think the no lift shift is working on my car. I went to test it by shifting at 5500 rpm from 3-4, kept on the gas and pushed in...
  6. Ford Performance Oil Separator Install

    Thanks! That's what I figured I would do, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  7. Ford Performance Oil Separator Install

    I know this is a piece of cake to install, but my FRPP oil separator doesn't have the little hole in the bracket to put the wiring harness clip back into. Do I just leave it unclipped?
  8. Leaking Trunk

    Has anyone else's trunk leaked? I opened mine after it rained all day and I found about 3 large puddles in my weathertech mat. It's dripping from the driver's side, close to the side carpet. I had no luck trying to trace it back to where it is entering.
  9. Huge database of wheel and tire setups

    So I've been stuck trying to figure how a 255/40/19 on a 19x9.5 would look. I know most on here are going to say it is way too stretched, but I have always liked a slight stretch look. I found a site that has over 2000 user submitted setups and you can search for a wheel size/width and tire...
  10. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    I was running MRR M350 wheels at 19x10 for a year and a half, but got t-boned on the passenger a pillar and have had rubbing issues with 19x10 up front since then, even with 3 mm spacers. I was looking at 19x9 square with tsw bathurst or geneva but just couldn't justify the extra grand for...
  11. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    Bmac, amazing build. You convinced me to go ahead and get a set of SVE drifts for my car.
  12. Auto Brightness Not Working

    It doesn't do it any more. Not sure which update fixed it, sorry.
  13. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    The FR3Z-19850 is the entire evaporator assembly. The FR3Z-19860 is just the core itself. Ford used to replace the entire assembly and now just replace the core. I'm guessing it's due to cost since the core is about 1/3 the price of the entire assembly. Saves Ford money on warranty claims.
  14. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Ya the part has a 1 year warranty, but that is all that is covered if it fails again within that time. Labor is almost never included in the part warranty, so the total replacement cost will be $1400 instead of $1700.
  15. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Edit: I had the dumb, part FR3Z-19860 is the core, FR3Z-19850 is the entire assembly
  16. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    6300 miles! Talk about a garage queen :D Yes, they are different part numbers.
  17. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    The pain is real for us non warranty folks. The blower motor on my car is acting up now (replaced evap core last December) and I'm stuck here waiting until the Genesis G70 is released so I can dump this car. I've owned 2 Ford products in my life, and both have had multiple A/C issues.
  18. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Good news! I was at 41k miles and needed evap, compressor, and accumulator replaced. Total bill was $2300 and they didn't cover anything at all, even after opening 2 separate cases about it.
  19. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Mine was out of warranty. Ford customer service told me sorry, not sorry. And that I should have bought an extended warranty when I had the chance. Add in the techs joyriding my car and dumping the clutch from near redline and a service manager that didn't care what his techs did to my car.
  20. Warranty versus intermittent AC issues

    I hope your experience is better than mine with Ford "customer care." They basically told me to take a flying leap when my AC went out just outside of warranty and said I should have bought an extended warranty when I had the chance.