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  1. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    Unfortunately I just tried to test this in my home garage and no luck on reflective unfortunately. At least definitely not anything like the Boss 302 and I didn’t really see any reflection in my test (dark garage with/without LED Light. -J
  2. Do you regret not replacing the CUP 2s

    Exactly. Choose the right tool for the task. You get it and I’m sure I’d like a wheel/tire combo you’d select. Have a great weekend. -J
  3. Do you regret not replacing the CUP 2s

    If we’re selling I picked my car up this past Saturday and the stock wheels and tires are at the dealership waiting for me to pick up and put up for sale. I’d rather daily on Nitto DRs as I have in the past. -J
  4. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    Very cool I did not know this. I loved the stripes on my dad’s Boss 302 LS the grey on black. -J
  5. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    Agreed. -J
  6. 2020 GT500 rear seat delete

    It’s a Mustang and that’s irrelevant to this discussion. It’s an excellent option I’d choose if I didn’t have kids that use the back seats. Tob I have an OEM from a parted out CFTP car. It’s a nice design and well made. Hope things are well. -J
  7. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Congrats! I believe they’ll continue’23MY until 4/1. S650 and Darkhorse coming to dealerships for summer driving. -J
  8. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Not all dealers have the ability to order a ‘23 HP. Many like mine were unbuilt ‘22 Hp orders. Unfortunately from what I know, if it’s not scheduled now it probably won’t be built. Plant will switch over to ‘24 MY S650 production starting 4/1. You could possibly leverage this into getting a very...
  9. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    Car is mischievous purple and the stripes are a mix of flat black, gloss and gloss white. -J
  10. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Yessir good eye. There were flurries and a high of 30 so it wasn’t a perfect delivery day and definitely not Cup 2 weather. I’d say they fit damn near perfect. -J
  11. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    I tried to pic a few showing the fitment but it’s perfect flush to me. As my daily I’ve decided on these are a good start before going to lighter 19s. -J
  12. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    They look great on this car. It was snowing and about 29 with a ton of wind, so just a few short trips. C’mon spring. -J
  13. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Showed up Wednesday 3/15 and I’ll pick up tomorrow. HP Tremec model. -J
  14. mach 1 floor mats

    This. ‘22 GT500 and ‘23 Mach 1 HP both come with cheaper than cheap rental car mats. It’s the huge miss on the small subtleties that makes me remember it’s still ‘just a Mustang’. Sadly Ford just doesn’t seem to realize that when you spend $65-95k on a vehicle a subtle change to the floor mats...
  15. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    Answer: they fit! This is before dealer clean up. Picking up Saturday due to work. -J
  16. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    I currently have 20x11 squared Signatures on the GT500 and you’ll love the quality. This leaves the stock base 500 wheels and their great/street friendly 4S tires available for the M1. I know the 500 has a wider front track but both models run 305 front 315 rear (19” on M1 and 20” on Shelby). I...
  17. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    ‘23 Mach 1 HP showed up today 3/15 and it’s still cold here and not safe for Cup 2s. I have the stock wheels off my ‘22 GT500 that I brought up to dealer to see if they can fit (same widths just 20” but the 4S tires). Will these bolt on for the dealer when they prep the car for pick up...
  18. Andy 2023 HP Mach 1 delivered yet with Cup 2 cracking?

    Seems like the ‘23 model is being rushed/ shortened to get the new S650s built but in the past the 350Rs, CFTP GT500 and Mach HPs were all built after 3/1. This date can be delayed also depending on the weather in Flatrock MI. The reason is the Cup2 tires and track compound not recommended for...
  19. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    New daily almost here! -J