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  1. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    Most people are gonna dislike this new design but like the 18' refresh we will all soon come to terms with liking it. I think I will probably get a 2029-2030 model and make my 19' a track car when the time comes. I drive about 4k a year on my 19 so at 45k miles it'll be bout time for a new one 🤣
  2. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Ford performance with gaurny flap.. Fit and function plus installation is better than the knock offs.
  3. 7th Gen Mustang (S650) Official Reveal Set For September at Detroit Auto Show!

    I think I might hold onto my 19gt. I put on about 4k miles a year and while this new mustang is exciting it's not gonna make me change cars for similar performance and with mine being paid off already. I got mine at 28k before covid and the shortage and I couldn't see myself spending 45k on...
  4. Floored my new mustang at 650 miles and worried something got damaged

    I'll legitimately answer your question. Your fine especially at 650 miles. If anything now is a good time to vary your rpms. The worst thing to do during the break in is lug the engine along.
  5. GT500 Spoiler w/ Gurney Flap now available from Ford Performance

    Yeah sometimes it's just better to buy the oem part.
  6. GT500 Spoiler w/ Gurney Flap now available from Ford Performance

    Late to the party but I pulled the trigger and I must say it definitely turns heads. I know this is more expensive than the ebay knock off but it lines right up with the existing holes on my base GT lip spoiler and included studs and bolts for installation, and required no self alignment when...
  7. Fan only not heat not ac

    Set temperature to cold, make sure the ac button isn't lit up. Turn off recirculation so the outside air comes in the cabin.
  8. Borla Switchfire or Corsa Double X

    If those are your options I'd say the switchfire. Sounds like a h pipe and x pipe at the same time. I have one paired with a C&L axle back and I get compliments all the time.
  9. It's HERE! 🎉 Elite Series Sequential Foglight for 2018+ Ford Mustang | Diode Dynamics

    Mine did the same as well, swapped out and the new ones are working fine
  10. Beefing up a 10R80

    How much boost and HP where you running when it went out? I was thinking about going roush stage 2 kit. Dealer says trans should be okay but I disagree.
  11. Fuel MPG

    2019 GT with 3.15 gears. Avg 16.9 mpg with letting it warm up 10 minutes and driving in sport mode. But when I wanna cruise I can Avg 29 mpg on the highway at 70 mph. Not to bad gets better gas mileage than my Bronco
  12. Led sequential turn signals?

    I got them.. They are a nice touch and include the instructions in the box. Bumper off is required, and it's for the most part as simple as removing the oem units and putting in the Diode ones. With the right tools and taking your time. 2 hours I'd say.
  13. Need help finding a solution to power all my accessories

    I'd look into a Northstar or oddessy battery. They are the best of quality agm batteries made in the USA
  14. 2019 S550 “Revenge”

    This dealership isn't to far from me like 20 mins. They have had these there for a while now.
  15. GT VS GT350

    Waiting until the s650 comes out should be an option to consider. But me personally id keep the GT and mod it.
  16. Tire recommendation for my Mustang GT 2018

    Don't know your tire size, but I've had good results with the Toyo Extensa Hp 2's. Check them out!
  17. Tanks Alot

    If you warm up your car Alot or just idle the car for extended periods of time that will affect your reading. I usually reset mine if I'm doing a trip so that I can see the average I'm doing on the fill ups on the drive
  18. Premium gas?

    I get all my gas from Sam's Club using 93. It's about 20-40 cents cheaper per gallon and I don't DD my stang so I make it work. If I'm a little low I usually throw 10$ of 89 in there never going below 1/3 a tank. Id avoid 87, I feel like it's an "drive normal" or "emergency" fuel at best.