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  1. NOOO! Not the Heritage…

  2. How likely to be stolen

    I would be more worried about vandalism. If you can afford it over insure, and have gap insurance if your upside down.
  3. Buying new car cash: Dealer wants a credit check/financing application?

    Lets see 0% financing on a new car, take the ~~40 grand and make 8% somewhere else. This whole idea of 0 debt is over hyped. Money can be a tool if its seen that way.
  4. How Many Miles Boys and Girls

    2022HE 2,000 miles
  5. Aluminum Oxidation on Engine 2021 GT500

    Muriatic attacks aluminum, trust me, I anodize aluminum for a living. Usually they use a weak combination of nitric and hydrofluoric. If you have your heart set on muratic/hydrochloric dilute way down and try a small spot. Personally I wouldn’t touch alum with muratic with a 10 ft pole
  6. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    Learn something new every day !!!!! "Is it worth it to wrap headers?" "ABOVE: Using exhaust wrap on header pipes and exhaust pipes helps to insulate them and reduce radiated heat. This also raises exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) which increases exhaust gas velocity and improves engine...
  7. A Blessing and Prayer for all Current and Future GT500 owners!

    I park at the far end of the Target lot, not a car within 20 spaces either way. I come out and its a beat up Terdcel with a tied down trunk lid the next space over. GOD willing and the creek don't rise, I'm grateful I'm in a position to own and afford cars like these.
  8. Fast Grocery Getter

    Yikes, I think we need a ADM thread
  9. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    The 350 sent me to the audiologist, seriously.
  10. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    Congrats, if I had a bigger garage I’d have both a 350 and 500
  11. Original Brittany Blue Photo

    Ya, the old Brittnay .......................
  12. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    I think these forum guys make money from advertising and hits. Anyone that is perceived as cheerleading, other sites ie: (advertising competition) I would ban to. I like the content and layout of 6G, it fits my eye, not overly cluttered.
  13. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    The thing about Goose that drove me crazy was the condescending tone in his videos. Can't imagine taking a driving lesson from him. I enjoy his videos, that being said, I have never watched a whole video. On the mustang6g GT350 site there was a guy I really liked with a GT350. Very knowledgeable...
  14. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    1800 miles
  15. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    I have a guy hounding me to buy a 2022 CFTP HE with painted strips. What's my 2022 GT500 HE with recaros, carbon dash, tech package, track package etc.... worth on a trade ??? opinions please !!!
  16. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    I think he might have talked disparagingly about this forum on his other forum.
  17. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Found a CFTP HE with painted white stripes 50 miles from home 149,999 little to rich for my blood. The stripes have GT500 cut out in the hood, is that factory option ??
  18. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Think they will change it ???
  19. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Isn't that crazy