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  1. Kelly Aiken?

  2. Georgia Cheap Motul 660 Brake Fluid On eBay!

    You have 6 hours to bid: https://www.ebay.com/itm/193081790792
  3. C8=S650 Tell Ford What You Want

    Having worked extensively on my IRS, including removing the entire substructure a few times, I find it to be excessively heavy and I dislike the fact that, even stock, the rear doesn't have particularly great wheel travel before you're hitting bumpstops (when it certainly could). I'm obviously...
  4. wildcatgoal's Build - 2016 DIB GT PP

    I'm trying to raise $1,000 benefiting men's mental and prostate health as part of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. If you have a classic or classic-style cafe/bobber/scrambler motorcycle and a suit, sign up in your local city. If you can, please donate here...
  5. C8=S650 Tell Ford What You Want

    Redo the IRS... it's average, at best. Improve build quality -- the rattles and wearing leather is unacceptable. If the MT-82 is used again, burn the mother f'er down!
  6. Open Track Test & Tune at Road Atlanta Friday, July 12, 2019 - Race and Advanced Drivers Only

    Register here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/jzilla-test-tune-advanced-drivers-open-track-michelin-raceway-road-354390 Zero beginners. Zero intermediates. No drills.
  7. Georgia FS: New Motorcraft HUB352 Rear Wheel Bearing (Left or Right)

    Only one is for sale. Were you expecting two for less than half the price of one? :inspect:
  8. Georgia FS: New Motorcraft HUB352 Rear Wheel Bearing (Left or Right)

    Not going to end up using it since my Mustang was totaled. Brand new. Won't come in original box but I can include the receipt. These have jacked up to >$100. I paid about $80. All I want is $50 shipped to the lower-48 states paid via no fee payment solution like Venmo or Zelle.
  9. wildcatgoal's Build - 2016 DIB GT PP

    Decided I'm going to hold out and see how the Supra pans out before I get another sports car. 2018+ just don't do it for me, especially with the price increase and engine/trans risks.
  10. wildcatgoal's Build - 2016 DIB GT PP

    Stinkin' Uber driver hit my "track Jetta" -- as it's been nick-named of late. Haha. That is an actual parking space I'm in. I tracked the driver down, got in touch with Uber, and am expecting to hear from their adjuster soon.
  11. New LT1 V8 trim for 2020 Camaro

    Ford is impacting its own sales of the 2018+ Mustang with an unreliable engine, retaining the MT82, and continuously jacking up the price... and still not being as fast around a track in stock form as a Camaro SS 1LE in stock form. GM screwed itself for Camaro sales by basically attempting to...
  12. $50 Amazon gift card to the first person that figures this "misfire" issue out

    Can't remember what it's called exactly but it's a thing in your tune device that you can reset all that.
  13. $50 Amazon gift card to the first person that figures this "misfire" issue out

    Put stock pump in. Need to eliminate aftermarket pump as the culprit. Have you reset your idle control after installing your tune?

    All of the crap Ford "leather" wears too soon. My Premium leather seats looked like garbage where my fat butt sat.
  15. I don't have the tick yet. First oil change coming up

    Just poor in the Ceratec when you get home after your oil change. It's not that much fluid at all.
  16. The True Cost Of An After MArket Exhaust

    Wait a minute -- you guys in the UK have to get different insurance if you put a catback on your car? Duhfuq is that nonsense? Y'all need to run for office and lighten up that government.
  17. K-Member Brace

    I used the 2-point brace and tracked my car often - all that's remotely necessary.
  18. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment...

    When I got laid the first time, I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment because it only lasted 10 seconds.