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  1. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    Did not know they sold the spare at all, for any of the cars.
  2. X or H pipe???

    Roush X pipe & cat backs
  3. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    What are you talking about :question:
  4. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    FYI my wife's CTS has one of those silly ass pumps, in other words it ain't a Ford thang.
  5. X or H pipe???

    There is always a 2 part truth with any upgrade, reality and fantasy, this upgrade it is sound/ hp. Going out on a limb, I know, don't mind and up to it. But this "deep rumble & H pipe" is pure fantasy. Don't like "raspy" 2 choices buy another car, replace the motor.............period, raspy...
  6. X or H pipe???

    6hp here, 5hp there it adds to the base, want to nip pick, we can do that. More is more as less is less LMAO rock on
  7. Can I jack my car up right next to the pinch welds?

    The exact reason I did QJ deal, insurance,. Jacking one side @ a time. Theory, if the floor jack rolls in or crawls inward as the car lifts. It will not pull the car off the stands ....... To qualify this works if one is using a correct floor jack, not a cheap junker.
  8. Would you buy a CFTP without CF wheels?

    LMAO, they are out there .......... :champagne:
  9. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    What is up with the Nitto decal, that car running thae tire? Been sniffing around the NT555Rll big tire, good tread depth.
  10. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    Did not think it would take much, just surprised to find out the lugs are pass through. Imagine how many drivers, running extended wheel studs, tossed perfectly usable lugs out. Kind of funny.....
  11. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    Busting the covers .....
  12. HELP: “Drive Mode Selection Not Available” - NOT Exhaust Valve Related

    Agree here is a clue, "Circuit Voltage Below Threshold" several other voltage variances are mention throughout that list. How old is the BAT, unless Auto zombie can load check a BAT, reading Vg is sort of useless. For instance, a BAT can read 12vdc and not have the guts to turn the car over.
  13. Finally got my new AA spare tire!!!

    Interesting .........not heard that before.
  14. X or H pipe???

    Remove AE 2 years ago, thought sound level and driving mode worked in concert. Seem to remember it controlled the valve positioning of the AE. Quiet mode only affected start up? Just to add, the rate of acceleration has a lot to do with the sound level :question: