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  1. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Just had this review come in for the Mach 1 :) https://www.steeda.com/2015-2017-mustang-springs New Product Review at Steeda Product Name: Steeda S550 Mustang MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs (2015-2023) Headline: Dual rate springs on handling package mach1 Name...
  2. Steeda cold air intake idle issue.

    No design change that I am aware of -what feedback did they have, specifically?
  3. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    This past weekend, we utilized the NT01 during the first session out to allow the driver to re-acquaint himself with the car and track - along with the setup we were running. After that session was over we switched to a Hoosier R7 racing slick. Best Regards, TJ
  4. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    The 2018 Silver Bullet model was originally equipped with an automatic 10R80 transmission. During our testing phase, we conducted limited evaluations with the #20 car before it transitioned to its role as our primary track car. Our primary focus for the #20 car was to develop and create the most...
  5. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    We frequently conduct wheel changes and tire configurations for testing purposes, and our preferred brand for these operations is Nitto. Over time, we have established a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with Nitto due to their exceptional products and reliable support. Their tire...
  6. Steeda Subframe Braces on Mach 1

    When a customer engages in spirited driving and is looking for improved performance on the street, then that's qualitative data that the driver is providing via his/her feedback. Driver satisfaction and subjective feedback can provide valuable insights into the improvements they are...
  7. Alignment numbers

    Great choices, Matt - let me know if I can help assist with the Steeda parts!
  8. Stop the Hop the Best? Other Choices?

    Both are good kits but we feel our kit does a better job at connecting the multiple points. We make the IRS braces in-house from chrome moly steel, this brace is designed to support the factory subframe by directly tying it into the chassis at key mounting locations. Using factory mounting...
  9. Stop the Hop the Best? Other Choices?

    Matt - the people have spoken, Steeda FTW :) Let me know if I can help assist or let Beefcake know ... we are here to help! TJ
  10. Stop the Hop the Best? Other Choices?

    For the convertible - all other parts will work except the IRS Chassis braces. Because of the extra bracing & weight in the rear - the IRS won't be a solution. The Steeda White Carbon Edition runs all other chassis parts in the back: http://www.steedavehicles.com/#/steeda-whitecarbonedition...
  11. Perfecting His One-of-a-Kind 2020 GT500 with Dual Rate Springs | Driving Impressions

    When we had our GT500 CFTP that was used for development, it was hard to find much on the car that really needed improvement. The one thing we've heard from owners like Aaron was that the ride height needs some work. Well, there's no better spring than the Dual Rates so we got to work creating a...
  12. X or H pipe???

    Here is a great article on the subject that we developed with our internal team: https://www.steeda.com/mustang-x-pipe-vs-h-pipe
  13. Camber Bolts vs Camber Plates | Which is Right For You?

    If you have a lowered Mustang, you probably don't have a way to adjust the front camber. While we offer both here at Steeda, you may not know whether you need a camber bolt or a camber plate, or if you need either in the first place. We'll go over the basics of camber, which S550 Mustangs came...
  14. Steeda Subframe Braces on Mach 1

    Yes ... keep the build going :)
  15. Steeda Subframe Braces on Mach 1

    Thank you for the feedback & glad to see Chris's feedback was on point! They turned out nice too ... thank you for sharing! TJ
  16. Steeda Q850 Mustang Loaded Alcantara Steering Wheel

    It is not manufactured by Steeda - it's a listing that was brought in & populated from other listings. I will have our team adjust that. TJ
  17. Still Time to Save During our Memorial Day Sale - Save Up to 25%

    There is still time to take advantage of some savings before our Memorial Day Sale comes to an end! Check out the savings on Suspension, Brakes & Chassis upgrades here - https://www.steeda.com/ Best Regards, TJ
  18. 60 foot help

    Some specials going on during our Memorial Day Sale - https://www.steeda.com/special-offers
  19. Steeda Subframe Braces on Mach 1

    For those looking at upgrades, we have some good deals during our Memorial Day Sale - https://www.steeda.com/special-offers