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  1. GT500 vent on GT hood - what are my options?

    should have posted sooner then. :) you would have driven right by the 'shop' in Manassas. I'll go take some pics later, maybe as late as Sat. It came from Irwin PA from a fellow M6G who switched to carbon fiber. I think I paid $400. I was going to use it to cut up for track vents and slap it on...
  2. GT500 vent on GT hood - what are my options?

    I have a perfectly good (pretty sure) hood in your color. Come out to Virginia to pick it up.
  3. Well… [email protected]!

    12 grand for the front. another 8-10 grand for the side and rear.
  4. Can somebody give me the run-down (this vs that) comparison on short throw shifters?

    I did Steeda short-stalk and the bushing. Bushing is 90% of the solution and should be a MUST DO on every car. The other car I did just the bushing. I prefer the longer throw and height of the stock shifter.
  5. 2021, 2022 & 2023 Ford Nationals / Carlisle PA / mach1s

    If my 12-15 car weekly C&C can come up with a Shelby 1, how is it Ford Nationals couldn't find one to display? Or did I miss it in the sea of sameness?
  6. Why is the Shelby Super Snake so expensive?

    The GT500 owner had no excuse not to FIX his own car with all the same Steeda parts. The SS won fair and square - the owner took the time to address the STUPID by Ford Engineering
  7. Why is the Shelby Super Snake so expensive?

    Ourisman sold every one they got (like 7) for approaching 100K ADM. One guy out of Arizona bought 2 at once.
  8. Why is the Shelby Super Snake so expensive?

    but mah exclusivity!! I guess they didn't actually spend the engineering to figure out how to get the power to the ground... Or is the fault the additional 150HP and the driver/owner's poor choices of tire, prep, technique, and venue? Unless you're drifting, power without grip is so completely...
  9. Why is the Shelby Super Snake so expensive?

    nice. who do you work for?
  10. F80 M3 v.s E92 M3 v.s GT350

    it's definitely not, and more sadly, the MR tuning by Ford is pathetic.
  11. Rotor damage - Beechmont Ford states this is normal?

    glad to hear it. Hopefully Ford will recognize the dealership and reward them in a meaningful way. Don't just send an email. Print it out and send it USPS to Ford HQ, President, and VP of Dealer Relations and VP of Customer Service. A paper-based letter really gets people's attention because...
  12. Why is the Shelby Super Snake so expensive?

    your list had ZERO engine parts. Which was the point. It's a bog-standard Coyote engine. For that kind of $$$ it should have all of the cylinder 7/8 heat problems fixed, a rotating assembly made up of forged rods with cryo and top-flight pistons from the big names to derate the ratio, cams to...
  13. Any recommendations for spacers

    just shoot yourself in the head now and be done with it. :) If the Mustang gods are merciful they'll reincarnate you as something with an extra $800-1000 for 9.5 or 10" wide wheels and another bill roll for 275 tires. CJ POny parts has spacers from 3 to 30mm. You need extended studs on any...
  14. 2021, 2022 & 2023 Ford Nationals / Carlisle PA / mach1s

    looks decidedly worse.
  15. Tires: Good performance in summer; still safe in the rain

    but does it work for more than 3 laps?
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    the Steeda spring doesn't improve "feel" so much as it lets you feel the detent between moving air (compressing the spring) and actuating the hydraulic piston. Before there was no force gradient, it felt the same no matter if you were compressing just the spring or moving the piston. The...
  17. what is a 1996 1-owner Mustang SVT Cobra worth?

    Everyone else was doing it. So Ford just copycat
  18. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Inspired work. The problem is pros don't work crawling around on the floor. A trans support jack or doing the swap on alignment stand might be an alternative. Either way @Hotpart.com got themselves another sale.
  19. Get rid of the Mustang?

    You drive it more and for longer than many a yahoo here on this board. 😄 If you can hook up with a buddy who can drive you out 30 minutes toward say Sebring or roads that are mildly interesting you can spend a half hour of quality time in the driver seat. And the rest of the boring wasted time...
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Yeah the 80 rating is a sick joke. Try supercar3 or kuhmo v730