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  1. Velgen Wheels Official Product Thread (Info, Specs, Gallery)

    Thank you I appreciate it! Wanted something different.
  2. Carbon Dymamics MZ28 Spoiler

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  3. SOLD!!

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  4. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Not quite as aggressive as most. But as aggressive as I can go with the how much I drive and the road quality with all of the construction.
  5. 2017 Blk/Blk Base Gt Procharger F1A Build...

    Incredible job on the build. Probably one of my favorites on this site great attention to detail. And how are you liking this radio now? I was thinking about picking up the Tesla style but might like this a little more due to it retaining the factory a/c controls. And do you have a link from...
  6. FS: Airaid MXP CAI [GT]

    Damn I want it. Getting married in 2 weeks so don’t really have any extra cash at the moment. If you still have it after my honeymoon you will be getting a pm.
  7. Velgen Wheels Official Product Thread (Info, Specs, Gallery)

    My velgen vmb8’s done in costal gray.
  8. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    A couple recent pics. One at work with my bosses GT350 behind. And the other at nmra Bradenton

    Thank you I appreciate it! They are velgen vmb8’s 20x10.5 rear and 20x9 front. They are pricey aswell but awesome wheels. I love the Durban’s i thought about those too but came across a gold deal on these. Just had to make them the color I wanted.

    Thanks me too! Really wanted something different and feel like I achieved it. Color is coastal gray.

    After the first few rounds of mods.
  12. FS: Airaid MXP CAI [GT]

    is this the no tune version?
  13. SOLD

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  14. 2018+ Mustang ROUSH Axleback Exhaust

    Will the tips be available separately? I eventually want to do quads with my existing roush mufflers. This would be a nice option for the tips.
  15. Bumper Cover Replacement Options

    What would be the cost of a GT350 rear bumper and GT350 diffuser shipped to 34653? Want to do one on my base gt at some point.
  16. Tesla head unit gen2

    Man would love to have this. Just a little out of my price range right now. Sure it will sell quick! Good luck.
  17. Easy and Inexpensive Mod

    Found it thanks!