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  1. BMR Sways vs PC Stage 2

    I solved it by adding BMR motor mounts and lowering the motor 1/4”. Never had any problems after that. The motor movement is what caused the issue and the mounts fixed that with only a little NVH added
  2. iDrive USA Throttle Controller Install

    I sold my car in November of 19 but I know it is still on there. I also have one on my Wrangler JL and i love it especially getting the 37's to move. It feels more alive even though there is no HP gain.
  3. Massachusetts 2015 Procharged Mustang Part Out

    Can you DM pics of the catch can?
  4. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    $38k and a low mileage damn near fully built 9 second car is yours!! Wife is looking at me funny which means shits gonna get weird really quick...
  5. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    I’m down for trades too if you have something that might be fun. I may even consider a gt350
  6. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    Id consider it if it has a 10R80 and not base model, at least leather and digital dash Oh I noticed the NT555R's int he rear were at the end of their lives. So I put new NT555R's on the rear. Nothing like dropping another $700 on a car you are looking to sell :)
  7. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    No one wants to take z06’s to Gapelbes?
  8. Well. That’s not good

    The new controllers from Fore do not require and you should not use solder. So check that first. Looks like a bad ground or you could have a cut in your power cable that is grounding. Had a friend with the same issue and it was a mixture of bad gound and poor power connection to the FC3 controller.
  9. MMR 600 wheels pics on cars

    not 19's but same wheel 20x10/20x11.
  10. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    What if I said $40 obo and I keep the DarkStars?
  11. Procharger tuning issue. Can anyone look at these logs?

    Do this to see if the gate is causing issues. Also, you said stock headers so I am assuming you have cats still right? Your STFT are in the low .9's. What fuels system or injectors are you using? Your trims fall off right where you start seeing knock, so it could be/most likely is a fueling...
  12. Illinois 2016 GT350 Base $42,500. SOLD

    Want to go auto and stay in the mustang family? Maybe we can work out a trade? https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/850-whp-premium-mustang-gt.126101/
  13. E85 knocking with stock headers/cats

    I would say there is probably something there on stock headers/cats causing and issue. I sit at 22° and have seen higher with Lund when we were pushing it. I have catless headers, being you have the same type of blower, same tuner, I am assuming Fore fuel system and you tested your e85 before...
  14. Texas 850+ WHP Premium Mustang GT !!!Price Reduced!!

    Growing family so my weekend car has to go. Since purchasing new in March of 2015 I have only put 17,000 miles on it. It has been supercharged for ~6000 miles and made 856/630 at 13# of boost on e85 and 630/556 on 93 off the wastegate at 10#. I put new drag radials on the rear August 31st (few...

    Entered :)
  16. Plan on putting twin turbos on my car in the future

    Exedy clutch pack, billet intermediate shaft and a Circle D converter. Good for 1k+ whp. All it takes is a bad install with the damper and "snap" goes your crank shaft. I would much rather go OPG and TS and call it good. Not that this video proves anything but it does show how soft these...
  17. Plan on putting twin turbos on my car in the future

    I went suspension first (all BMR), then PC and DR’s, then E85, and then built trans and converter. The mustang is sloppy, really sloppy! Tighten it up first. It also helps when controlling the car when things start to spin. It doesn’t sound like you spend time at the track so you will enjoy a...