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  1. Stock spoiler

    How much does a stock 2018 black accent package spoiler go for?
  2. 2018+ Mustang Black Accent Package Paint Code?

    I have a 2018 mustang with the black accent package and needed to touch up some chips on the black roof. I have no idea what the name or paint code of the black roof is. Anyone know? TIA!
  3. White smoke for a few seconds

    Hello, I was backing my car into the driveway and stalled and saw white smoke out of the exhaust for 2-3 seconds. I'm not sure what it was and wanted to get some input on whether or not I should be concerned. Yes, I stalled so don't go off on me for stalling (I could care less), it's my first...
  4. Apple Carplay malfunction?

    Not sure if this has been talked about before but when I plug in my iPhone, half of the time car play works and half of the time it doesn't. During the times that it doesn't work I get an error message on my iPhone that says "iAP2 NCM Accessory: The connected device is not supported." I have an...
  5. Installing a dash cam

    Sorry if this is a repeated post. Wanting to install a dash cam through the cigarette lighter plug like I've done in other vehicles but noticed that in my Mustang the dash cam stays on after turning the car off. In my other car, the same cam would turn off when I turned the car off. I was...