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  1. GT Steeda H Pipe

    Is this the H pipe thats for 2015-2020 (555 3611) or the 2018-2020(555 3619)? Also curious if you upgraded your catback and didn't need it anymore? Please check PMs
  2. Stock spoiler

    How much does a stock 2018 black accent package spoiler go for?
  3. GT 2018-2020 Steeda H-Pipe

    Still up for sale? I can offer $130. Please let me know. TIA.
  4. Forum promo code Steeda?

    Can I get the forum discount code for an h pipe? TIA
  5. 2018+ Mustang Black Accent Package Paint Code?

    I have a 2018 mustang with the black accent package and needed to touch up some chips on the black roof. I have no idea what the name or paint code of the black roof is. Anyone know? TIA!
  6. 2018, 2019, 2020 Mustang GT experience

    Don’t let the forums discourage you from buying the car. I was doing the same thing but i went with a GT with the 6 spd after reading all of the forums about ticks, shift forks, etc and am at almost 16k miles no problem. You will have warranty after all.
  7. "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    Really hoping someone will figure out how to put the screen from the Mach e into our mustangs. Much rather have that than the Phoenix aftermarket screen if it’s even possible.
  8. No drill front license plate brackets

    is this DIY mount still working good for you if you still use it OP?
  9. Can't get Waze to work

    I always have this issue but with Apple carplay the phone charges but the apple carplay doesn't work. I still haven't found a fix since I've tried updating my phone, tried 3 different original cables and restarted. 50% of the time it doesn't work and the other half of the time it does.
  10. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    My car has the rattle but don’t think it’s as bad as the OP’s. I have 15.6K miles and quite honestly I’m gonna keep driving it hard until something happens since ford seems to think everything is “normal”.
  11. White smoke for a few seconds

    Car is completely stock. Was driving the car all day about 4 times for about 10-15 minutes each. 14K miles, outdoor temp mid 90s. And it was stalling because I'm still learning not due to any other issues. It was a really burnt smell like a burnt clutch smell (wasn't on the clutch very long...
  12. White smoke for a few seconds

    Hello, I was backing my car into the driveway and stalled and saw white smoke out of the exhaust for 2-3 seconds. I'm not sure what it was and wanted to get some input on whether or not I should be concerned. Yes, I stalled so don't go off on me for stalling (I could care less), it's my first...
  13. Apple Carplay malfunction?

    Yes I also get that error as well but only sometimes.
  14. Transporting your Mustang

    I believe the one I used was United Auto transport. My shipping cost was negotiated into the cars final sale price but i believe it was $400-500 and they brought it on an 18 wheeler. 750 miles away from me.
  15. Apple Carplay malfunction?

    Not sure if this has been talked about before but when I plug in my iPhone, half of the time car play works and half of the time it doesn't. During the times that it doesn't work I get an error message on my iPhone that says "iAP2 NCM Accessory: The connected device is not supported." I have an...
  16. Active exhaust question

    The inner pipes on mine are also darker. I noticed on many C7 corvettes the inner 2 also happen to be darker.
  17. PDF Window Sticker Access

    I just chat with ford support on their website and provide my vin and they sent me a pdf of the window sticker.
  18. 2018 Mustang GT with PP1 5000 miles Buying Tips

    i would say don't let the shift forks and everything else scare and prevent you from getting the car. I was wanting to get a 19 thinking that the tick and shift fork issues were fixed but after research, they are still the same so I got my 18. Mine was built in December 2017 and the forks...
  19. Got Rear ended today

    Glad you're okay. Can't believe they forgot they were pulling the trailer. Is this in Galveston?
  20. Joining the club

    Congrats! Yes I agree finding my 2018 that I got a few weeks ago was incredibly difficult. All I wanted was 401A with a manual (also wanted active exhaust but gave up because it was too rare), the one I ended up getting has 401A and was happy to figure out it had active exhaust when I got it...