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  1. Positive battery cable corroded off

    I went to an auto parts store and bought a battery terminal clamp with a clamp for a large gauge cable, $5. The original battery clamp just crumbled under any tools. I had to pry it off with my hands. I used vinegar to clean up the mess. Always remove the negative first. Hope this helps.
  2. Positive battery cable corroded off

    Both the post and cable were badly covered. I merely wiggled the positive cable and it detached itself. I can't secure the cable like factory. I have a few hours in the morning to figure a way to secure the cable to the battery, any suggestions?

    Any videos with the pro chamber?

    I removed the MAC pro chamber off when I sold my sn95 cobra. I brought it to a trusted mustang muffler shop and he said it will hit speed bumps if installed. I'd love to hear from someone who installed one as well.
  5. Roush Quad exhaust

    I have the Roush quad exhaust and thought I could be a little louder, especially above 4k RPM. I got the magnaflow resonated x pipe. The local exhaust guy tried talking me out of installing it. Saying it will sound like stock. I went home and did more research and sound clips. After about a...
  6. Any Good Way to ONLY lower the front of the car? ? ? ?

    A supercharger will lower the front 1/4 -1/2".
  7. Unsettled in a hard corner...how to fix

    Same here. Hard cornering and the rear end feels good then midway it feels like the rear end pops/lifts up. I know to keep on the throttle but that sensation makes you do the opposite. But I keep on the throttle.
  8. Whipple Stage 1 or Roush Stage 2

    Order placed for Whipple kit I've decided to go with Whipple on my Roush RS2. I'm keeping this car forever and not worried about resale value but interested in smiles per miles instead. Thanks for all those that positively contributed.
  9. Whipple Stage 1 or Roush Stage 2

    I've narrowed it down to these 2 forced induction choices. It's going on a Roush RS2 PP 3.73 which I plan to keep. Keep it all Roush or go with a Whipple. Shelby uses Whipple. I have no plans to drag or take it to the track. 95% of the time I'm shifting before 3k. Im aiming for...
  10. Official Memorial Day Sale Thread!

    Roush supercharger 15-17
  11. FS: Brand New 2018 Steering Wheel Buttons

    Yup, PM sent and no response
  12. Header install shops

    I recommend watching a few videos. Some say they did it and would never do it again though. I've seen install rates around $800. But the sound is wicked.
  13. 2018 style steering wheel control on 2015-2017

    Id love to have audio controls on the left. Hope a solution is found.
  14. Upgrading from stage 2 to 3 Ford performance pack

    I don't have a tune on my car. I bought the car with a Roush quad exhaust. I'm installing the Roush CAI soon. Not sure if Roush sells the tune/ dongle by itself. Or should I get a used/ unmarried SCT tuner. Then who to go with for tune?
  15. Passenger side DRL out

    I've replaced DRL bulbs with new ones and even swapped them left to right. I also unplugged the bulb socket left to right. Whatever combo I make, only the drivers DRL works. Is there a fuse for L/R DRLs? Thanks.
  16. Upgrading from stage 2 to 3 Ford performance pack

    Maybe someone whose done this can chime. F150/ 2018 manifolds is a lot more affordable then a GT350 manifold. Some have had bad experience with the GT350 throttle and put the stock TB back on to fix the issue. Does adding a F150/ 2018 manifold make any power difference with the ford PP2...
  17. Sync 3 Android mirror chrome cast

    In advent unit popped up on eBay for $750. Yikes. The Navtool one is $300. Mirroring is expensive. Any other ideas?
  18. Sync 3 Android mirror chrome cast

    I checked the link but didn't see a price. I don't need to add nav, but I guess they are adding it as a feature anyway.
  19. Sync 3 Android mirror chrome cast

    Lately I've been looking into navtool http://www.navtool.com/ford-mustang-2015-2017-hdmi-interface.aspx And lockpick https://www.coastaletech.com Just to have an HDMI video input for my smartphone. I wish I could say I used android auto more, but I don't. Anyone install these devices?
  20. Black Friday - What did you get?

    305forged staggered wheels with 20% on top the sale price. Power pack 2 from autonation Ford and 305/35/20 tires from America's tires.