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  1. Rear axle nuts loose after spring instal?

    Hey so just got some springs installed a couple weeks ago and now today went to get my new wheels and tires put on. The tech informed me I had a little play in the rear end (lose axle nut) car only has 17k miles so this shouldn’t be. He hit it with his impact to see if that’s what it was and it...
  2. Interior footwell lighting help

    Hey guys I have a base model 2017 5.0 base. Trying to spice it up a little with some ambient lighting. I bought the opt7 aura footwell kit. It comes with a dc plug or you can use a fuse connector which id like to use so I don’t have to turn it on every time I get in the car. Is there a empty...
  3. Rear Fitment help!

    Getting my new wheels and tires mounted Friday I just recently lowered my car on cjpony parts springs. My wheels are 20x10.5 +45 offset out back with a 295/35/20 tire. Will I clear without rubbing? Will I need to do anything with my camber? Thanks for any help.
  4. GT350 track pack spoiler

    I know this has probably been covered numerous times and I’ve searched but all the links I’ve found are expired. I’m looking for a gloss black GT350 track pack spoiler. I know people were having good luck with ebay and amazon ones for like $100 and id like to give it a try. Well now I’m...
  5. Which oem style premium head unit to go with.

    What's up guys. Trying to figure which head unit to go with. I have a base and can't stand the factory setup. I like the premium setup a lot. But seems like a lot of work to retrofit a oem system in the car. Which brings me to the toptom and moddiction units as my options. My question is which...
  6. Tire choice help

    Hey guys got new wheels no I need new tires. Wanted the firestone indys in 275/35/20 front and 305/35/20 rear. But they're on back order and I can't really wait that long. Was looking at the Mickey thompson street comps. Are these good? If not does anyone have any other recommendations? Don't...
  7. Velgen fitment help

    Have a friend selling some velgen vmb8 wheels for a awesome deal. He had them on his 2014 mustang. The sizes are 20x9 up front with a +32 offset and a 20x10.5 with a +40 offset out back. Will these fit my 2017 gt properly? And also what tire sizes are recommended with these offsets? Going to...
  8. Will they fit? 20x10 and 20x11 tsw Bathurst

    Trying to plan out what wheels I want. Planning on lowering the car on eibach pro kit springs. Wanting to run 20x11 et50 out back and 20x10 et40 up front. Will these fit? Don't want to have to do anything with my fenders at all.
  9. WTB Performance pack wheels

    Hey guys figure it's worth a shot. Every now and again I'll see a set go up for sale for around $600 or so with tires I always miss out. Just have to get rid of these base wheels to small for me lol. If anyone has some performance pack wheels for sale for around that price with tires pm me...
  10. Wtb rubber floor mats

    Wanted to see if anyone has some they don't use and would like to sell before I buy new. Not picky on brands would just like them to be in good condition. Thanks.
  11. Grabber blue with red leather?

    Hey guys just bought my car lass then a month ago. Trying to plan out some things I want to do to it. Has anyone seen red leather in a grabber blue car? Thanking it might look pretty good and may want to give it a tryin the near future.
  12. Wheels and tire fitment help

    What's up guys. Just bought my 2017 grabber blue gt and love it so far. I'm looking into some wheels in the near future. Thinking the rotiform blq in 20x8.5 up front and 20x10 out back (wish they were wider). Also wanting lower it with the pro kit springs at the same time. My question is will...