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  1. PP2 is up on configurator.

    How do you find where there is a PP2 equipped car. The inventory locator doesn't get that specific
  2. SoCal Insurance

    I get the best rates from AIS (Mercury Insurance). They are both very helpful with simple questions and with the few claims I have had over the years. AIS checks several companies to get you the best rate.
  3. Ticking from clutch?

    Noticed the 'ticking' noise last week while pulling away from drive-thru. The car was warmed up to 180ish and just waiting for the wife to get in. Could here that damn 'ticking' easier due being close to the house and relatively quiet driveway. I hear the 'ticking' also when pulling away from...
  4. Midnight blue premium leather?

    Glad you asked this. I saw this on the Ford build site and thought, why blue leather??
  5. Which setup for better overall performance

    I'm on the fence about one of these 2 setups: Ford Power Pack 2, or Lund nGauge with GT350 CAI & TB. I like the idea of keeping some kind of warranty friendlier setup with the FRPP 2 but the flexibility with the nGauge is really making me keep looking at that method. Also, I'm not thrilled...
  6. Which IM is best for what kind gains

    Revving to 7.5K or even 8K is one of the main reason why I have been holding off from getting the GT350 IM. I brought up this question hoping that there was a fairly straight NA way of getting more mid rpm range HP. I was very intrigued with the recent threads about members making 500ish NA...
  7. Which IM is best for what kind gains

    From what I have read, the GT350 IM is best suited for higher rpm hp gains. Which IM's make low to mid range hp gains if any? I want to make more hp, by staying NA. I don't want to have to get into the higher rpm range to see the best benefit from power adders. Basically, how to make NA power...
  8. Will probably switch back to BMW. (No, not a troll!)

    I have a 2016 BMW 340i with the M-Performance pkg., and it puts a nice smile on my face every time I drive it. It's sporty, not M3 / M4 sporty but in Sport mode it's more sporty than just refined. Now, when I drive my 2016 GT with the PP I get a big ol' friggin' smile. It's not as refined but...
  9. Paintless Dent Removal - SoCal

    I have a shadow blk. '16 GT that up to last week did not have any dings. But some careless person(s) put a white scuff /ding on my right rear quarter panel, just above the body line. I hope it's easily repaired by a good paintless dent removal person. I am in SoCal, 562 area code. Any...
  10. Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    I'm also going to keep mine 'fairly' stock. I have a Corsa Extreme catback and enjoy stepping on the big pedal. I plan on getting the PP2 kit so I get a little more grunt and keep it relatively stock and warranty friendly? I would love to put some 20" rims and tires but the 19's will do just...
  11. Mishimoto’s 2015+ Mustang GT Performance Intake R&D - NOW RELEASED!!

    Question, does the intake kit include the silicone induction hose, your part number MMHOSE-MUS8-15IH?? If not can that also be added for further benefit?
  12. Anyone bored of their Mustang?

    By all means do what's best for you. As for me, I look back at mine and grin every time after parking it. I still feel anxiously happy when I drive mine. It's also very cool getting all of the unsolicited compliments about the car. Good luck in whatever you decide
  13. Breaking necks/compliments

    I am still amazed at how many compliments the car gets and how often. I was driving to work on Wednesday and an older guy was crossing the street and he looked back, I was making a right turn, and he said, "nice ride". Today I was heading back from running an errand and some guy who was behind...
  14. Ford Racing Long Tubes???

    Derek, how does the car run with headers and no tune?
  15. Ford Racing Long Tubes???

    I figured it was just a dream
  16. Ford Racing Long Tubes???

    My main idea for the headers to be from Ford Racing was so they could be part of the warranty like performance packs, with a tune and 50 state emissions cert's. I know that there are a lot of great header manufacturers out there but when you install them you kill the warranty. For me and some...
  17. Ford Racing Long Tubes???

    Probably a dumb question or at least just a dream, but how about Ford Racing Long Tube catted headers with a tune. That plus one of the new performance packs would be very cool.
  18. How to get a gt350 at sticker or less?

    I like your question. It is kind of ridiculous that the dealers just pounce on the consumer with this type of item. What new options for the '17's make it closer to an R
  19. Spoiler help

    Anyone have any suggestions. Would like to hear or see your opinions and ideas. Thanks
  20. Sirius Quality in LA

    Can it be replaced and solve the problem or it sounds like it's just a bad design by Sirus/XM or Ford or both