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  1. 2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium Performance Package with ~17,500 miles

    2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium Performance Package with ~17,500 miles The car is extremely well equipped, and an absolute joy to drive. All maintenance has been completed timely, and all documentation has been retained. Factory warrantied until December 2021 or 50,000 miles. Asking $29,500 Ford...
  2. Stuck on 14 MPG

    Isnt the 5.0 rated at 15 mpg city? 14.x seems about right for real world mpg.
  3. best available “handheld engine tuner” for the ‘15-‘17 GT’s?

    This isnt new. For years before the law suit SCT users would have to acknowledge that the tunes and the product are for off road use only, and not legal in CA, before the tune could be loaded. Nothing has changed, so the lawsuit should not be a factor in decided SCT or Ngauge.
  4. Any easy mods for torque

    Lots of misguided folks and bad info in this thread .. ....Turns around and walks out.

    Quoting myself for an update on the mathzz. $2.10/gallon vs $3.30 for 93 - 36% savings. My mpg dropped from 14 to 12, same routes, driving style, etc. This equates to a 15% drop in MPG. So while being 36% cheaper, you do lose 15% mpg. Still a good deal in my book.
  6. Up the exhaust a notch (or 2)

    I’m loving my Solo Performace exhaust. Stock resonator is replaced by a straight through X pipe muffler with two adjustable Helholtz resonators in place of the factory mufflers. Quiet while cruising, with a deep angry yet “smooth” exhaust tone under mild acceleration, and a machine gun fury...
  7. Time to blow up the forum - which tune is best

    I mean from the actual tune. VCT phasing/timing, throttle mapping, etc. Stuff like that. Right now I can only go off feel, but if there something to request/look for in the logs/etc I’d like to know. I’d rather not blindly accept whatever they offer as “OMG itzz the bestest toon ever”.
  8. Time to blow up the forum - which tune is best

    What are some of the things y’all have asked for from your tune/tuners? I think my tuner was playing a little too much with the torque management and it made the drivability suffer. He has since worked out the tune and it’s back to being OEM smooth.
  9. Time to blow up the forum - which tune is best

    The "big four" are Lund, Palm Beach Dyno, AED, and Ford Performance. With a basic/off the shelf setup (which 98% of us have) all of the reputable tuners will perform about the same.

    Filled up with E85 for the first time yesterday. $2.10/gallon vs $3.30 for 93. That's a 36% savings! Using the "30% more fuel and 30% less MPG" rule of thumb, that is a 6% net savings with all the gainzzzzz. Who is 87 octane? I dont know her..

    In my personal testing I experienced closer to a 10% decrease in MPG, and most definitely felt (and logged....................) reduced air mass AND ignition. You and I are both able to choose who to believe and trust. I however trust my own personal real world experience. :fistbump:

    No one said "crazy HP gains" but between the two data sets we have available its 10+ hp (with some showing 25ish HP). All I am saying is that there IS a difference in HP and MPG with 93 vs 87. Premium octane (91/93) DOES make MORE HP AND DOES get BETTER MPG - proven by the dyno test and AAA...

    Cool, so we have come to the conclusion that 87 makes less power, as backed up by forum member dynos, and the AAA doc. Now, what about MPG on 87? Forum members state a loss of MPG with 87 as does the AAA doc. The percentage of MPG loss does not outpace the increased in cost per gallon...
  14. Car feels weak with only 6000 miles?

    The stock P zeros are a 220 tread wear tire... You should be the end of your third set at that milage..
  15. Do I full send...or kind of send? Some thoughts..

    Hi, welcome to the internet. Sit down and stay a while.. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/im-still-gonna-send-it
  16. Custom Tune Questions

    With an after market tune the drive modes are still intact, however you cannot change the actual ECU mapping via the drive mode toggle switch. I presume any competent tuner is able to create a performance map and fuel economy map, however it is likely simpler and easier to adjust your driving...

    Here is a dyno of 87 vs 93 octane dyno on a Coyote 5.0 (11-14 however). While I agree with the fella above regarding the variance of one dyno to another, and how one example is just that, one example, my personal results correlate to OP of the thread referenced below. My position stands - there...
  18. Temperature 160 thermostat

    I am constantly at 195-205F with the stock t-stat

    During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey I was forced to run 87 and I can 100% confirm that you do in fact take a hit in MPG with regular. I can also confirm that while peak power might be down a little (sounds like 10hp is the butt dyno figure being thrown around here.. my butt dyno thought...