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  1. 2018+ Ford Calibration/Tune Kit in Central Florida?

    Hello, When I had my 15 GT I had my local Ford dealer in Winter Haven install the FR PP2 and they only charged me $125.00. I went there yesterday to ask how much they would charge to install the Ford calibration/Tune Kit on my 18 GT and they quoted me $500.00. I laughed and walked out. Anyone...
  2. Disable Intelligent Access?

    Is it possible to disable intelligent access? I’ve searched the owners manual and the forum but can’t seem to find out if you can disable it or not.
  3. Single H-Pipe or Double H-Pipe

    What would be the difference between a single H-pipe and a double H-pipe? Deeper sound and more bass with the double? CJ Pony parts has the single H-Pipe https://www.cjponyparts.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?product_trim_mustang=3377&q=H-Pipe Steeda has the double H-Pipe...
  4. Insurance Rate Decrease?

    Was wondering since most people are being requested to stay home and the few times I’ve been out to get needed groceries I see a very low volume of cars on the road. Looks like most people are adhering to the requests/orders. Has anyone gotten a lowered insurance rate or a portion of their paid...
  5. Where did this part come from?

    Pulled the belly pan off and front bumper and this part fell off. I’ve taken the belly pan off a few times and the front bumper another time but this never came off before.
  6. Steeda LCA Spherical Bearings

    For those of you who installed Steeda LCA Spherical Bearings did you press them in your self or did you bring it to a shop to do it. For those that did it yourself can you post a picture of the press you used or a link to the one you bought? Thanks.
  7. 10r80 fluid check

    Nothing in the owners manual and can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Automatics you usually check with engine running and up to operating temp. Is this still the proper way on the 10r80? A couple YouTube videos it looks like guys were checking with the engine off. Thanks for any reply’s.
  8. 10r80 dipstick

    I’ve looked in the manual and searched here but can’t find it. Does the 10r80 have a dip stick? Where is it located if it does? Or is there some other way of checking the level? Mine shifts and operates fine I just want to check the level. Thanks
  9. 18+ GT500 Hood

    I know Cervini’s is just coming out with one for the 15-17’s I posted a question on their FB page if they will make one for the 18+. Waiting on their reply. Does anyone know of a company making a GT500 replica hood that fit a 18+ ?
  10. Steeda Sway Bars for 18' GT, PP1 with MagneRide

    Hello All, I have a 18' GT, PP1 with MagneRide and want to get the Steeda adjustable front and rear sway bars. In the description it says "Front sway bar will fit vehicles equipped with MagneRide suspension but cannot be used at softest setting due to contact with factory ride height sensor."...
  11. Best caster camber plates

    When searching issues I had with my alignment I read literally over 100 pages. I came across a post where someone spoke about a certain caster camber plate where you could do camber then lock it in then caster etc for a more precise alignment. The ones some was talking about were very pricey but...
  12. Post pictures of your animals

    Thought it would be cool to start a thread about what furry friends we’ve got. Here’s my buddies Gone sadly but not forgotten
  13. Tuning for dummies

    Hello, Did a search but haven't seen anything what i'm looking for. The only tune i ever did was the Ford power pack 2 on my 15' GT. I'm thinking of getting a custom tune for my 18' GT and possibly go Flex tune or E85 etc. but not really sure. Please excuse the newby questions but can someone...
  14. Roush rear valance kit aero foil

    Thinking of getting this for my 18' GT. Anyone install it yet? How is it holding up? https://www.cjponyparts.com/roush-rear-valance-kit-aero-foil-gt-2018-2019/p/422085/
  15. UPR billit oil drain plug

    Anyone using this oil drain plug? Is it worth it? https://lmr.com/item/UPR-3025-01/mustang-upr-billet-oil-drain-plug-3025-01-15-19
  16. Alignment help

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me. I have a 18' GT, PP1 with little over 9000 miles and the Pilot Sport 4s tires are wearing bad on the inside of all 4 tires but the fronts are the worst. Too much negative camber i'm guessing. A while back i installed a few Steeda parts including the subframe...
  17. Anyone using a NoviStretch?

    I already have PPF on the front of my car but am thinking about getting one for my long trips on the interstate to see my sons that are 2 states away to keep the bugs out of the grille area/nooks and crannies etc. When I get there I can take it off. I don’t care for the look but it will be...
  18. I'm back with a 18' GT (long post)

    Hello Everyone, *****Kinda long post, sorry******* Although i've had many Mustangs in the past this is my 3rd S550. My first was a 15' EB premium PP, A6. Really liked the car but hated the exhaust sound. Traded it for a 15' GT premium. I like the GT but hated the suspension. It felt really...
  19. Panel gaps

    Traded my 15 GT back in November and am thinking about getting a 19 GT but am wondering if the quality control is better on the 18’s? Panel gaps, rear window alignments were pretty bad on the 15’s and 16’s. Anybody having these issues on the 18’s? If I do get a 19 it won’t be with the leather...
  20. WTB PP front splitter

    Looking to buy a PP front splitter.