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  1. Harrow Oil Cooler Install

    Ok, so I ordered the Harrop oil cooler yesterday from Beefcake. I am looking for installation tips and tricks to make this a great experience. Will be doing the work myself. Also, very interested in any suggestions on ducting to improve cooling and efficiency. I am familiar with fabrication but...
  2. 5W-xx vs 10W-30 Oil

    All engine oils are base oil + an additive package. True, the higher he quality of the base oil the less additives "might" be needed. The engine producers develop an oil specification for their engines and the oil producers develop a product to "meet" that specification. that does not mean that...
  3. California Kooks 3" Axle Backs $700.00

    W/ Black tips Have been on the car for about 20K. Replaced with a Solo Performance system because these with a FP X-Pipe were too loud and droned. These would work fine with a stock resonator. I prefer to sell locally in Norcal.
  4. So what's your excuse? Top speeding excuses

    How bout this, it was a 2007 Ford Taurus!
  5. So what's your excuse? Top speeding excuses

    The last time that I was pulled over for speeding was about 15 years ago. When the lady officer asked me why I was going so fast, I replied "Cranial Rectumitis". She ran my license and plates and came back to the car and told me to slow down and let me go without a ticket.
  6. Lid for Ford Performance CAI ?

    At a full stop or very slow speeds it made no difference. There is just not enough airflow through the airbox and inlet duct to cool everything back down once the engine bay is heat soaked. However, temps will go back down more quickly once you get moving especially if you are using more...
  7. Lid for Ford Performance CAI ?

    I bought one and am satisfied. Contact them through here and see if they can put the kit together again.
  8. Oil in Spark Plug Threads

    Seems to me that a small amount of anti seize is preferable to a spark plug seized in the hole. Of course, keep torque in mind when doing so. I have never used a torque wrench to install plugs, but I also don’t use any Ugg’s to tighten them. Never had one come loose or seize. I am talking many...
  9. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    I have to ask, how do hood vents affect pedestrian safety?
  10. Found this metal on my oil plug. What is this?

    Root cause is still the 8500 RPM hits. The whole thing would most likely not have occurred if a lighter right foot and lower red line like 7500 were used. Not knocking the OP, just my $0.02.
  11. Has anyone tried these puddle lights?

    On my factory puddle lights the pony's now look like they are on acid. Still discernable as ponies, just appear that they have been struck by lightning. Is this a common failure? Anyone know what causes it? Mine is still under warranty so it will be gong back to the dealer.
  12. New cam covers, quick question on dipstick

    So. the original dipstick tube does not fit with the GT500 cam covers? Makes sense that a replacement tube that is shorter than the original would lower the dipstick into the pan farther indicating an overfill condition when it is not. With the 350 and 500 having different sumps than the GT it...
  13. Insurance went up 200%

    There is no such thing as "Full Coverage". All policies have limits. Some of us carry extra coverage to protect ourselves against certain circumstances. If you have 100/300,000 Property Damage and Property Liability coverage, once you reach the 300K mark your insurance company has met their...
  14. EPA -- Possible Announcement Wednesday Regarding Tailpipe Emissions, EVs and New Car Sales

    OK, making a big bowl of popcorn for this one. I will just sit back and watch the sh*t show.
  15. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 - ON TRACK (ANSWERED)

    Agreed. And, I also agree with Jack that there may have been changes in the tire compounds and certainly conditions play a role in tire performance from a cracking and grip point of view. Myself, I have a new set of PS4S 285/30/19's square set up on my car now and when the temps get to 45...
  16. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 - ON TRACK (ANSWERED)

    Well, these PS4S were on my car and driven at temps down to about 30 degrees only a few times here in Commiefornia in the past 3 years. The rears have 42k on them, the fronts maybe 10-14k less IDK. I will tell you this, the rears had zero grip. You decide if you should drive in cold temps.
  17. Do we actually "need" an oil cooler??

    Interesting. For those of you who want to know, That is 190 degrees oil temp at 54-59 degrees ambient. Raptor17GT any chance that you are going to track the car? These temps are nothing to concern oneself about and, obviously, your set up for these conditions is working well. It would be...
  18. The LOUDEST Exhaust We've Ever Tested | Corsa Xtreme Cat-Back & BBK Long Tube Headers | Sound Clip

    Ditto on the loud. I currently have an FP X-Pipe with Kooks axle backs and stock headers. Too loud! Not only that, but the drone has become unbearable. With just an x-pipe and stock mufflers or stock resonator and the Kooks axle backs I believe that it would be acceptable and drone problem...
  19. LSD at Autocross

    I am not experienced but it is probably much safer as a spectator.