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  1. A long winters wait is over

    Been working on this since last summer. New grill, spoiler, shift knob,shocks and struts, brake paint, wheels, multiple engine bay dressings, front turn signals and fogs, interior and obviously new color. Still have a few more tweaks and it will be show ready.
  2. New York OEM Leather Seat Covers for Convertible

    Smoke Free, Pet Free, Kid Free, Excellent condition. No stains, marks rips or tears. From 2016 GT Convertible. I do not know if these fit a non-vert, please check pics for cut outs. Entire Set, Front and back. $175 plus shipping. This is the style seat belt holder it uses.
  3. My New Katzkins

    Part of a total cosmetic overhaul, I have my seats done. Ordered online and did them myself. Door panels, shift boot and console cover are next. FYI: the old black leather covers are listed for sale in the classified section.
  4. You WILL NOT see this car ar Mustang Week this year!

    As it is in the process of transformation. Its in pieces right now, but here is a sneak preview of whats changing...... April 1st is my target completion date. Stayed tuned!
  5. GT 15-17 GT Billet Grill - $75

    Up for sale is a used upper and 3-piece lower Billet Grill for 15-17 Mustang. I had it on my GT, I don't know if it will fit other models. It is Gloss Black and shows some wear, easily fixed with some new paint. No rust or corrosion. The upper grill is a REPLACEMENT grill, NOT an overlay, so...
  6. Xmas Katzkins Group Buy

    Details over in the Tech Forum :https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/katzkins-group-buy.183254/
  7. Katzkins Group Buy

    Just got word! From now until December 28th, the pricing below will be effective. Katzkins has announced a price increase of 7-8% starting Jan 1st, so if you want custom leather seats, from a reputable dealer with proven after sale support, don't wait. FWIW: You won't find a better deal on...
  8. Need a Part Number

    Can anyone supply a part number for this part on a 2016 GT Premium Convertible? Mine is all buggered up from my wind screen mode. Looking for a replacement from a scrapyard.
  9. GT Convertible order clarity please

    When I ordered my 2016 GT Convertible the only option was in Premium configuration with 401A package (as memory recalls, I could be wrong). I'm looking at the order sheet and it looks as if I can order GT convertible with 400A package. This is important to me because I want Eruption Green with...
  10. GT Wind Restrictor for 2015+ Convertibles

    WindRestrictor brand Glowing Pony wind blocker for Mustangs 2015+. The mount attaches by slipping under the rear headrests. The installation of this windscreen requires no drilling or modification. Made from double-sided AR Polycarbonate. Includes module to light up when brakes are applied and...
  11. How do you clean your inside rear window?

    So how do fellow rag top owners clean the inside rear window? I need to go to a chiropractor every time I try to clean it. Who is doing what and how is it working for you?
  12. My '16 GT up against a Camero, Magnum, and Vette @ Musclepalooza

    Labor day weekend. Predictable results, but a fun watch anyways. Enjoy!
  13. Where to put mini resonators. Does it matter?

    I recently was gifted a pair of Roush axle-backs from a body shop and I want to replace my stock mufflers with them. All my research has indicated I wont be happy with the rasp level combined with my resonator delete x-pipe. Thanks to some posts here, I think the addition of 2 Vibrant Bottle...
  14. 10th Annual American Mustang Show

    This was my first time at such a show. I was really impressed at the turnout! I took about 150 photos and posted the best of them on my non-commercial website. I also participated in the make-a-Wish parade, as you can see my 12 year old guest, Lizzy, sitting in my car on the staging lanes...
  15. ROLE CALL: 10th AM Mustang Show next week

    So who is going? :ford:
  16. So, who might like to go....

    to the American Muscle Mustang show in PA if my week gets rained out? https://www.americanmuscle.com/10th-annual-americanmuscle-mustang-show-registration.html I bought VIP parking and a Make-a-Wish Convertible Parade (you give some kid a ride) for the weekend of June 16th. IF IT RAINS, it...
  17. My 1st day (ever) at the strip..

    So Hemmings hosted a MusclePalooza at our local strip and I couldn't resist giving it a try. It was bracket racing, but I won every race up to the point it was getting too late for me to stay and continue. I remained consistent within a couple 10th's. I have a feeling the Auto vs Stick, the Auto...
  18. Steeda Progressives and Sways Before/After video

    Here is the before: 2016 Mustang GT Convertible stock suspension in Sport+ mode on twisty roads, using Torque Track Recorder If anyone knows how to get the video to show, I could use a hint!
  19. GraceNotes and SYNC 3 Album Art thread

    Seems to be a lot of issues with SYNC and Gracenotes and its Apple-like way of wanting to take over. I have found bits and pieces of info in the monster CarPlay/Android Auto thread and thought we should have a separate thread. My issue: My USB connected 2TB drive with 15,000+ songs, all...
  20. MirrorLink and SYNC3 update

    Tried searching and found nothing. Also didn't want to get this buried in the monster sized thread! Is MirrorLink part of the SYNC3 AndroidAuto update (don't care about CarPlay)? If so, any confirmed results?