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  1. Ford UAW Flat rock-> Side window sticker?!?!

    this is not available from the dealer unfortunately.
  2. Found: '22 GT500 w/ 50 miles for sticker price.

    not to mention, MSRP price increases, especially from 21 to 22. A 2022MY configured the same as my exact 2021 car was MSRP $6k higher. At least on GT350, ford played this game by making optional equipment standard the following year. There is no real mechanical difference in 20-22 GT500. You...
  3. GT350 Differential Cooler (early tech pack car) questions

  4. Who Built Your 2020 GT500 Engine? *UPDATED*

    anybody have a blank plate for sale?
  5. GT500 ADM disappearing

    A factor that should be considered. Many dealers paid a premium for these from other dealers. I am not trying to dissuade OP. Prices are coming down yes...but if a dealer paid 5-10k over from another dealer, they may not be as quick to dump them.
  6. Predator goes out in style for the GT500

    I am interested in any leftover Romeo Signature plates from this run. If anyone has a lead please PM me
  7. Is the parts guy at my local Ford dealer an idiot?

    Check the motorcraft OEP Brochure Message on FMC from 12/1. According to that guide FL2121B12 crosses to FL500, so that filter will work I have uploaded the application chart
  8. GT350 Oil Consumption Diagnosis Process

    What do you mean by “never got to work on the gt500”?
  9. 2022

    Its in the owners manual
  10. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Ford pass points convert to .5%. so $750 equals 150,000 points
  11. First Oil Change

    Perhaps commonality with Raptor R?
  12. Issue with Athens Ford Service

    Oasis report will show only warranty work, not full service history.
  13. Need help decoding transmission numbers

    FR3V 7003 AE = engineering number TG400 = Place of manufacture 082015 =Transmission build date 00474 = Build time TCET13710 = Assembly number C = Build level
  14. For everyone waiting to order or get a 2023 GT500 allocation

    But my salesman said there would be a 23
  15. Needed: 2020 GT500 fuel pump

    only one dealer in the country shows it. Larry Miller Ford Mesa AZ 480-530-9720
  16. V8 potential problems coming? [ADMIN WARNING: *** NO POLITICS ***]

    Why do these companies never seem to lay off anyone from the many layers of management with mega bloated salaries?
  17. Engine Revs When disengage clutch…please help diagnose

    A buddy of mine had a similar issue with his Focus RS. Replacing the gas pedal fixed it.
  18. Caliperfextion Stud Kit - Where to buy?

    The OE bolts per the workshop manual are one time use. Typically any time Ford specifies one time use it is for a reason. If you look at the factory bolt you can see how its a little more involved than what you stated which was: Any machine shop can do the studs. I would tale some long, good...
  19. Caliperfextion Stud Kit - Where to buy?

    To each his own, but removing a bolt head and using a sleeve is a poor choice. The M14x2 threads that go into the knuckle are not what you want on the nut end and that's essentially what you're talking about doing