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  1. Damage estimation

    update: body shop estimate is closer to 14K. i noticed this last week that im getting some premature wear on my passenger side tires so probably frame damage. car goes in june 8th to start repairs. will update once i have more.
  2. Help? What is this part on my car ? It’s not in any of the install videos ?

    well this is interesting. those two parts are def not stock as far im aware.
  3. Help? What is this part on my car ? It’s not in any of the install videos ?

    looks like the same part already installed. looks like the hammertone instead of the red.
  4. Steering wheel crisis averted.

    cause the stock wheel is tiny, feels like cheap shit and looks just about the same.
  5. Mysterious Paint Damage

    looks like rock chips to me from road debris. same issues on my car. paint on these is stupid thin.
  6. Strut Tower Brace - Odds of Breaking Studs?

    ive broken one. i really dont think its hard to break them if you are not paying close attention.
  7. Damage estimation

    Insurance estimate is 10k. Goes to the shop on Wednesday so we’ll see what they have to say and go from there. 🤞
  8. Damage estimation

    17’ performance pack. 52k miles. Base model with some upgrades although I know they won’t help much if at all.
  9. Damage estimation

    really hoping the angle and speed I bounced off it’ll be okay. Really hoping to save this thing. But I also don’t want to keep it if it’s compromised
  10. Damage estimation

    Light still works but idk if the mounts broke or not yet.
  11. Damage estimation

    I drive this thing daily in all weather. it was really cold and just hit a sheet of ice as I was going along the freeway. Have never had an issue like this. I was a steady speed no speed or direction changes. Far from my first drive in similar conditions.
  12. Damage estimation

    Everything I looked at seemed pretty straight but I agree won’t be able to tell forsure until we get into it.
  13. Damage estimation

    Finally became a statistic. Luckily single car accident and I’m fine. Spun out and hit guard rail. Speed was approx 30-35. Car started and drove home. What do y’all think about this? no leaks. Wheels don’t seem like they got touched or tweaked at all. Car didn’t overheat in the short drive home.
  14. 2017 Mustang GT Stock, Trying to throw on PP1 wheels on front and is causing rub issues.

    for what its worth you dont have to run 1 inch spacers to run the rear pp1 wheels up front on stock studs. you can use a 5mm spacer and it will clear the strut tower. can still use stock studs and lugs. i run rear pp1 wheels squared all around just uses a 5mm spacer up front. have had up to...
  15. Recommendations for an outside car

    https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ccd-62442?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08795Oqg_QIVjxatBh1yVAiMEAQYBSABEgISJvD_BwE if you coat it and wash it well enough you could prob get away with one of these and just wipe off the dust daily and would prob keep you a lot cleaner.
  16. Clicking noise after slight acceleration

    do you notice that it happens at a specific rpm range? sounds almost like bbq tick but i only hear one tick usually its more. mine 17 had it early on and usually can be reproduced in the 17-1800 rpm range.
  17. new corvette eray

    https://www.chevrolet.com/upcoming-vehicles/2024-corvette-e-ray super interesting imo. i know ford patented something similar so curious if we will ever see it from the ford side.
  18. LTH~Doing what everyone said I would

    had good results going from lth xpipe and roush abs to lth magnaflow tru x midpipe and roush abs. still loud when on it but not so loud when cruising or idle.
  19. New rims

    i had 285s on my 9.5 and they bulged a bit. 275 looks much better imo
  20. Tune second opinions

    i was talking more for another tune. dyno testing yeah shouldnt be more than 100