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  1. swap digital dash for an analog?

    Just get rid of the car for one that has analog. You may end up screwing yourself financially if you replace the gauges and the odomoter throws an error. A friend of mine did the f150 "plug and play" dash kit and his odometer now reads "NA" on both clusters. He figured it was just an error so...
  2. S197 Hybrid - 2006 Mustang with S550 guts

    If you end up going N/A... I have an extra GT performance pack gauge set you can have.
  3. Welcoming the Newest Member to the Family

    The interiors gorgeous, love it! Congratulations!
  4. Welcoming the Newest Member to the Family

    Beautiful but we need to see that interior, too!
  5. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    I think the black plug is the gps antenna but not 100% sure. Never seen the yellow one.
  6. Does your State still have an active 1/4 mile strip?

    I live just south of Lucas Oil Raceway here in Indianapolis. It hosts many major events, so I think the likelyhood of closing is slim. But racing is much more important here in Indiana than in other states, it seems.
  7. 2019 mustang gt metal flakes in oil

    Sounded fine until you got to the passenger side. There's definitely an issue, following to see what Ford says.
  8. Looking for part numbers

    That's it! Thank you, ordered both.
  9. Looking for part numbers

    Thanks that helps! I think #1 is https://ford.oempartsonline.com/oem-parts/ford-vacuum-tube-jr3z2420c Just gotta buy the whole setup. Just need to find #2 now!
  10. Looking for part numbers

    Having a heck of a time finding these two parts. I need hose #1 and hose #2. Could anyone help me find part numbers for these?
  11. Indiana Vortech V3 900hp Setup (2018+)

    Kit is sold to @nameuser. I forgot to update it earlier today when we came to an agreement.
  12. New HP Style Wheels for my Grabber Blue Mach-1

    Those look amazing!
  13. Indiana Vortech V3 900hp Setup (2018+)

    Didn’t realize I posted a 40% off fire sale lol. I’ll pass.
  14. Indiana Vortech V3 900hp Setup (2018+)

    Yes. It does have the 4" cooler upgrade, yes.
  15. Would you pay $42k for a GT500 CFTP - flood damage

    If it was a midwest flood? Sure. Don't touch saltwater flood cars.
  16. M4 CSL copied Mach 1's design homework?

    You either love it or hate it. Me personally, I love them... but I must have weird taste. I hated the front end of my supra and everyone talks about how beautiful they are. That car only looked good from the back to me lol.
  17. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Yes, I would and have. I’ve owned several Shelby’s all bought at MSRP. But I cannot find the cars I want without huge ADM’s nowadays and I refuse to pay them.
  18. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Well they said they would so that’s kind of a moot point. They didn’t deliver on punishing dealers with huge ADMs like they promised the consumers they would.
  19. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Well ford has shown time and time again they won't actually do anything about it, so what do you expect?