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  1. Slowly But RR Shirley

    1900miles: Clayed, polished, ceramic coat. Nothing fancy or expensive, Turtle Hybrid Ceramic. Extremely pleased with the results.
  2. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    I don’t think the rods are necessary as long it is properly secured to the bumper. However I have yet to track or race so I wouldn’t know if they are necessary at certain speeds, maybe the experts can chime in.
  3. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    The Spittler matches up with the splitter of the GT500 Style Bumper, It does not go very far back under the car, and it does not go past the Mounting points where it meets the belly pan, It lines up perfectly on the edge of the bumper where the bumper meets the fenders. Here’s a pic of the...
  4. From 370z to Mustang GT

    Congrats on making the right choice! A little under two months ago I went from this To this So I know what exactly what you mean about riding on rails. Not to mention for the past 11 years I have been in a 370Z and they have done nothing to upgrade it performance wise. That says a lot. Now...
  5. Sequential pattern...for brake lights...why is it that some frown upon its use?

    My daughter told me she was watching Netflix while driving.....I was PISSED1 I told her what is wrong with her and that is extremely dangerous and unsafe! Her reply was and now get ready for the real kicker, she stated to me in these exact words “its no different than texting on a cell phone...
  6. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Was not feeling the iKon Duckbill I had installed recently so I decided AC CF GT350R was the way to go.
  7. Slowly But RR Shirley

    The Spoiler Wars: 1550 Miles After trying 4 different style of spoilers, PP1, iKon GT350 Track Spoiler, iKon Duckbill, Anderson Composites CF GT350R, I have finally found the proper look for the rear trunk. The quality of the iKon spoilers are ok, seems like more work than its worth Ie paint...
  8. Slowly But RR Shirley

    1500 miles: Alignment & BMR Adjustable Sway bar end links installed Was a simple easy install. But after driving it for 50 miles I heard a noise in the front. So I decided to look and inspect the end links, they were extremely tight so nothing loose. I took them off and reversed the ball head...
  9. PP1 Spoiler, Magneride Springs and Sway Bars, Base Belly pan and Bumper

    PP1 Spoiler OEM Race Red $200 Magneride Front and Rear Springs $100 PP1 Sway Bars and End Links $100 Base Belly Pan, Splitter and Bumper $400 All parts have less than 1200 miles or less Local Pick up Ft Myers Cape Coral Florida
  10. Best way to secure boltless Duckbill - Ducktail Spoiler?

    Anyone have any experience with a spoiler that doesn’t use bolts to secure it down. I will be installing a cheapo duckbill spoiler (until I can save or make up my mind for the spoiler I really want, I do love the look of duckbills). I am just looking for some recommendations and the best way to...
  11. Hawaii 5.0 - P1X Ignot Silver Build

    Thank you for your service, from one veteran to another (68WHP). Def following, very nice build and those dyno numbers are AWESEOME! Also assuming you might have been out in 25th ID or TAMC at one point with the title Hawaii 5.0 lol.
  12. Slowly But RR Shirley

    Starting to Crawl with BMR Magneride Handling Springs 1209 miles: BMR Springs Installed So I asked around for places to install my springs besides my garage. Didn’t really get many local responses. Not to mention I have never install springs before. I have done coilovers with the help of a...
  13. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    Yes, do it with the bumper off. And I followed Spydrhawk26’s method with zip ties. You can always cut off the zip ties and realign it to center if its not perfectly aligned, which is what I did,. What I also did was align the pony to the center with the pony’s legs and then made sure it was a...
  14. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    Fitment was spot on, came with all the necessary hardware, you have to use your existing hardware as well. I did not have to relocate my ACC sensor and it works perfectly like factory, major plus for me. Vicrez customer service was pretty good. I should mention that you will need a base belly...
  15. Slowly But RR Shirley

    Thank You, that means a lot to me!
  16. Slowly But RR Shirley

    Baby Steps for my Suspension 1200 miles: Steeda front and rear sway bar with upgraded mounts. What a PIA to install...the mounts not the sway bars lol. But they sure do look nice. Front OEM vs Steeda Rear OEM vs Steeda Front installed. Rear installed....those mounts......getting the...
  17. Florida Race Red 2018-2020 PP1 Spoiler, NPP Bumper and Belly Pan

    OEM PP1 Spoiler 500 Miles Race Red $300 (very clean no chips or defects) OEM NPP Bumper 1000 miles $500 (very clean no chips or defects) OEM NPP Belly Pan 1000 miles$100 Local Pickup only in Florida, PM for details. See photos, will not piece out bumper. Does not include turn/fog lights and...
  18. Yellow tinted headlight... Yay or Nay ?

    Reminds me of the old JDM cars from the 90s, personal taste, looks good on some cars and some it doesn’t, not a big fan of it on this body style
  19. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    I would not factor the bumper on whether or not I would get ACC. I would get ACC based on your needs and wants. My ACC works like factory with the GT500 Style bumper, I might have been one of the lucky ones. YMMV