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  1. Washington Parts For Sale

    Sold my 2015 Mustang and got some left over parts lying around. Parts are not including shipping. Zip is 98034. All parts are OBO. I bought the car with ~22k miles. Soon after put on FP Power Pack 2, and about 1k miles later went Procharged and sold it shortly after. Lethal Performance BAP -...
  2. Suggestion For Rear Bounciness (PP w/ Steeda Linears)

    Hello, I recently installed some Steeda minimum drop linears on my performance pack 15 GT. It's had some time to settle and I worry the rates are a bit much for the pp shocks in the rear. Its a 15 but only has 23k miles, but still the rear can be really bouncy now. I was wondering if just added...
  3. Ford Performance Half Shaft Differences?

    I am currently looking at the Ford Performance half shafts on the Ford Performance site. I see 2 different listings. One for M-4130-M ($999) and one for M-4130-MA ($2075). They also sell each of the MA versions left and right separately for $1090. Does anyone know the difference between the...
  4. Help: Procharger Belt Routing

    Hello, Does anyone have the picture from the Procharger HO manual that shows the belt routing? Replacing the belt to see if that fixes the noise and the install manual seems to have disappeared. All I can find online is the stage 2 setup which doesn't do me any good.
  5. P1SC Startup Noise or Belt?

    My recently installed Procharger HO system I noticed is very loud in startup. The sound drops considerably after about 15 minutes or so. I thought maybe it was the belt and tightened it up considerably but had zero impact. Are these head units just stupid loud on cold start? This is helical gear...
  6. Procharger Blips on Startup and Stalls

    So got the stage 1 procharger ho complete kit from beefcake and worked with a friend who has a shop all day yesterday getting the kit on. This is a 15 GT with ~20k miles. Went very smoothly all the way up until we tried our first start. Car blips to a bit over 1k RPMs and than stalls. There was...
  7. Power Pack 2 to Procharger.. Parts Needed?

    Hello, I currently have a Ford Performance Power Pack 2 kit with the gt350 throttle body and intake. I purchased a complete Procharger HO kit from Beefcake recently and was curious what parts replaced/modified when installing the Power Pack 2 kit will be needed. I still have the original...
  8. Washington FS: 2015-17 Mustang GT Solo Performance Mach XV Catback Exhaust - SOLD

    This was used on my 2015 Mustang GT for about 1k miles. This is a very unique and adjustable exhaust designed to have no drone at certain RPMs depending on how you adjust the resonators at the tail of the exhaust. The tips are also adjustable so they have perfect fit. Price is $600.00 $450 -...
  9. Ford Performance Shifter Noise

    I recently installed the Ford Performance short shift kit on my 15 GT and can't get rid of some awful NVH. The knob vibrates a little bit, but that is pale in comparison to this noise that sounds hollow almost like there is an exhaust leak right under the shift housing. If I pull up on the...
  10. 15 50th Ann Vs Ceramic Leather

    Does anyone know if the creamish interior in the 50th anniversary mustang is the same color as the ceramic leather interior found in non anniversary mustangs? They look very close in some pictures but very different in others. Lighting of cameras seems to greatly effect how the colors appear.
  11. Iowa Many Misc Parts

    Traded my 2016 Mustang GT (non-pp) and had these parts left over. All item prices are negotiable. For some reason picture orientation got weird when I uploaded to TinyPic. They are normal everywhere else... SOLD JLT CAI - $200 + shipping SOLD SCT x4 Unmarried with 4 unlocks - $200 +...
  12. Help With Intake Bolt Size

    Good morning, I have a 16 GT, and I am swapping out my JLT for the stock intake. I seem to have lost that mounting bolt that mounts the intake to the front end of the car. Does anyone know what bolt and thread size that is so I can replace it? Thanks in advance!
  13. Zenclosure Box Squeaks

    Hello, I have the Zenclosure sub box found here, and it looks great, sounds great, fits snug, and was simple to use! ...but OMG! THE SQUEAKS! It fits so snug that any body flex from road bumps, turning, or really anything causes the wood box to squeak like wood in an old stair set...
  14. Racing in Reverse?

    Friend shared this with me on FB. This has to of been posted here somewhere seeing how old it is, but my searches were failing me. If not though, I thought some of you would enjoy this. I kind of feel bad for the Jetta. [ame]
  15. FS: Prepainted Ruby Red V Series Side Scoops

    I have a very lightly used set of MMD V Series side scoops (Prepainted Ruby Red). Steeda Ultra Lite Jacking Rails SOLD MMD V Series Side Scoops (Prepainted Ruby Red) SOLD
  16. Nitrous and PP Dash Questions

    Hello, Firstly, I have been considering going the nitrous route (100-150 shot) in my car due to no mpg change during normal driving, but available big increase in power for a much cheaper price than other FI on demand. I am new to the nitrous world, and I would like to have the most reliable...
  17. GT PP Brembo Brakes Cheap "ish"

    Hello, So I have been considering switching out the non GT PP brakes for the GT PP brakes, and it seems the prices vary all over the place from ~$1120 up to ~$1320 for the kit. With this in mind, I considered if it would be cheaper buying the components of the kit individually. Firstly I...
  18. PP Shocks, Struts, And Sway Bars (SOLD)

    I just purchased these from a user on these forums, but before they arrived changed my mind and put in the order for some koni shocks and struts instead along with some different sways. The GTPP sway bars, shocks and struts have ~15k miles on them. Shocks and Struts SOLD! Sway bars SOLD!
  19. Delete

    Going a different route. Please delete this thread.