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  1. Washington Parts For Sale

    Forgot to update after last sale. Only stock injectors and intake left.
  2. Washington Parts For Sale

    Yes I do!
  3. Washington Parts For Sale

    BAP Sold!
  4. Washington Parts For Sale

    It would need an adapter to fit the GT throttle body, a tune, and I am not 100% it will seal correctly on the 18+ hood design.
  5. Washington Parts For Sale

    Rotors sold
  6. Washington Parts For Sale

    Wheel and braces sold
  7. Washington Parts For Sale

  8. Washington Parts For Sale

    Shift boot & GT350 throttle body sold
  9. Washington Parts For Sale

  10. Washington Parts For Sale

    Sold my 2015 Mustang and got some left over parts lying around. Parts are not including shipping. Zip is 98034. All parts are OBO. I bought the car with ~22k miles. Soon after put on FP Power Pack 2, and about 1k miles later went Procharged and sold it shortly after. Lethal Performance BAP -...
  11. Ford Performance Half Shaft Differences?

    Mine took about a week to get to delivered. They sent a confirmation but never a tracking or a "has been shipped" email. I emailed them and the day they responded the package was on my doorstep.
  12. Suggestion For Rear Bounciness (PP w/ Steeda Linears)

    I highly considered the full Track package. My car is supercharged and the front end a little lower than normal, so I was a bit worried about a 1 inch drop. I had BMR minimum drops on my last non-pp GT and didn't have any issues. Since the Steeda ones drop even less in the front I chose those...
  13. Suggestion For Rear Bounciness (PP w/ Steeda Linears)

    Both of these but mostly the latter. There are lots of speed bumps where I live and it became very apparent after putting the springs on. I was firstly going to trim bump stops correctly, then was going to try shock mounts. From scouring the forums those seemed to be a good first step. If still...
  14. Suggestion For Rear Bounciness (PP w/ Steeda Linears)

    I had a friend install them at his shop. Looks like he didn't trim them. Will get them adjusted and see if it helps.
  15. Suggestion For Rear Bounciness (PP w/ Steeda Linears)

    Hello, I recently installed some Steeda minimum drop linears on my performance pack 15 GT. It's had some time to settle and I worry the rates are a bit much for the pp shocks in the rear. Its a 15 but only has 23k miles, but still the rear can be really bouncy now. I was wondering if just added...
  16. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Was comparing my results above and it seems low compared to almost all other P1SC HO kits. Weird.
  17. Ford Performance Half Shaft Differences?

    Seems so https://fordperformanceparts.us/products/M-4130-M
  18. Ford Performance Half Shaft Differences?

    Pretty stoked the Ford Racing ones for 15-17 are only $1k now, but I will definitely do this. I actually have to send then back and exchange them. In my previous picture you can see there is some kind if oil or grease around one of them. Upon further inspection it appears one was damaged during...
  19. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Just got my GT dynod today. P1SC Procharger HO with canned tune and grocery store 92 octane. Seems a bit bit low but seems within the normal range.