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  1. New car paranoia?

    Afraid of rain? Even a Shelby sits outside and rides on trains and car carriers before it’s sold. Would be really hard to find a ford that’s never been in the rain…
  2. Financing question

    And now starts 7 pages of adm talk….
  3. Financing question

    Never bought a car with a car loan before. Only write a check. The wonderful world of adm and allocation gt500…. Most dealers required financing or no sale. I called about 30-50 dealers to buy my Shelby… it was not the best experience.
  4. Financing question

    Why wait to get the tags?
  5. Financing question

    Yeah I hear it burns a bridge with the dealer. But when it comes to allocation cars having a go to dealer doesn’t seem to mean much. Only place I would recommend is Granger from the fun threads on Mach one deliveries. Can’t say buying the most expensive car on the lot was the most fun...
  6. Financing question

    Yeah we asked them several times how long we needed to keep the loan. Salesman said 3 months. Finance guy said I can pay it off before the first payment but if I kept it a year that would be nice. But they were so greedy with the interest rate I don’t really care. It’s another form of ADM on top...
  7. Financing question

    In my search to find a Shelby, financing was a requirement of most cars for sale including the one I bought. The dealer was not very negotiable on the interest rate. I’m tempted to refinance with my credit union to save money and give a middle finger to Ford… Anyone have experience moving the...
  8. Kids car seat?

    Is that an issues with mustangs? Never had a problem in the wife SUV’s. Well besides indentations. I believe car seat protector mats change the crash-worthy ability of the car seat as they are designed to be installed on the naked seat.
  9. Kids car seat?

    Thanks Wolvee! That’s a real child’s car seat, the first recommendation wouldn’t pass the strict safety standards I’m looking for. It does appear I’m going to need an almost full time car seat as the 4 year old keeps requesting me take her to school. I agree moving the car seats back and forth...
  10. Kids car seat?

    So my 4 year old is all about going for a ride in “the snake car”. Anyone have a cool car seat or something light and easy to install? The massive one in the wife car is kind of heavy taking it in and out. Looked for recaro but they may not even make car seats anymore? My seats aren’t recaro...
  11. 2022 GT500 Registry - Add Your Shelby

    You guys ever think about adding your cars to the VINwiki app? Can also add cars you see in the wild and showroom. We could have heritage productions numbers years before Ford releases them…
  12. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    This video is all too familiar…
  13. 2022 Mustang 4% under invoice

    pretty wild you have that many, if only someone smart at Ford would show you the allocations. You would do about $4,000,000 in sales in week…for both our sake let’s hope they do!
  14. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    I’ve come to grips with paying adm, even then it’s impossible to get someone to take my money. Well except for the 10k adm, too steep for my blood.
  15. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    Yup I’m somewhere on the list with Grainger as of last October. But they only get a couple allocations. They are the leaders of online out of state sales and wish ford would give them a dozen allocations….
  16. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    Last year I balked at paying ADM. I assumed car supply chain issues would be fixed and thought 2022 would be the year for an msrp Shelby… wrong. Now the prices have gone up and the best offer for an order is $10k adm for a base model. I passed on this offer. I’m sick and tired of calling every...