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  1. National back order on GT350 oil filters?

    At my local dealer for a oil change and just was told that Ford is back ordered on our oil filters. Nationally. So much for a pre-hibernation oil change.
  2. Track Attack cars for sale?

    Just curious… Does anyone has any idea how or when GT350 track attack cars will come available? thank you in advance!
  3. Screws for rear plate mounting?

    car is woke from winter slumber and now time to mount the rear license plate for the first time. I do not have the self tapping screws that are supplied by Ford. can anyone tell me what size/threadI can go buy? Thank you in advance
  4. GT350R with replacement engine live on BaT!

    The last Voodoo on BaT had a strong showing ('16 for $68k). a 2017 with 8800 miles (received Gen2 transplant at 1700 miles) is now live. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2017-ford-mustang-gt350r-16/ Any predictions?
  5. Is the Voodoo an "interference" engine?

    Stupid question number 4534... a friend asked me of the Voodoo is an interference engine... yes or no? TIA!
  6. Swapping Cup2s for PS4S... in below freezing temps? bad idea?

    Brand new GT350R in the garage. My garage is currently at 48 degrees. Tonight the lows int he mid 20s with a high tomorrow of 26 degrees. I am scheduled to take the R to the local Ford dealer to take off the Cup2 (with 65 miles on them) and put on PS4S. Also, will swap stock lugs for black...
  7. Shipping blocks still in?

    After two drives that were very stiff but again I’ve never driven a car before but now so how would I know what it supposed to feel.... and now several hours of staring at the car in the garage I’m thinking maybe it’s sitting a little too high and I took a peek inside the rear and front wheel...
  8. Add Focus RS as a daily? Where’s their forum?

    Hey all, been looking at the Focus RS... took a 2016 for a drive and we think it will work for our needs (30k commuting miles a year though all seasons with ability to haul twin 4 year olds). So, any RS owners here? What’s the best forum? comments thought and options on the RS would also be...
  9. Shout at the Devil

    So it has arrived. A car long sought with many ups and downs. It seems like everyone like to post here when they get their Shelby, so I figured I'd share my story.... and no better than here because it was the unsolicited assistance that was given by some kind forum members why LR268 now resides...
  10. AutoNation Extended Warranty vs. Ford Protect extended warranty.

    Looking at the AutoNation 10 years / 100k miles extended warranty. I am buying for an AutoNation store but I live no where near one... so I will have the car serviced at another dealership group. The question, anyone here have any experience with the AutoNation extended warranty? I am told it...
  11. Any GT350/GT350R Owners in/around Mobile, AL?

    Please PM me if you own a GT350 or GT350R and live in the vicinity of Mobile, AL as I have a favor to ask of a fellow enthusiast. There is a 350 incoming to a dealer in the area and I am not able to inspect personally. Hoping to find a fellow owner that would be willing to help out with a...
  12. Car covers, which do you love?

    My HEP R is in transit... one of the few WITHOUT a factory cover. A cover will be needed, who do you love? cover king? Cover craft? Any and all recommendations opinions or thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Enclosed Trailers, who do you love? Any advice?

    So, now that we will be adding a R the scale may be tipping to the point where owning a trailer make make sense.... as we could use the enclosed car hauler for HEP R and well as our Lemons "race" car. I know very little about these trailers. I've been towing boats since I was 16 but have zero...
  14. GT350R: height from ground to bottom of door?

    Would any of you kind people be able to tell me the measurement from the ground to the bottom of the driver door at its lowest point? ......assessing trailer options for transport of incoming R. Thanks!!
  15. Wisconsin WANTED: 2020 GT350R Heritage

    Must be an "R" Must have the Heritage Package can move quickly for the right car at a realistic price not expecting a PM while this is still on the first page of this section of the forum... but when you find this on page 32 in several weeks or months... yes, send the message if you happen to...
  16. 2018 R v 2020 R, steering knuckle and?

    Looking at purchasing new and a now perhaps low mile 2018 R. besides the steering knuckle out of the GT500, any other difference? 18’s are the start of the gen 2 Voodoo, yes? thank you in advance.
  17. R production over... at least that’s what the dealer told me about the HEP R I ordered on August

    So back in August I went and asked my local Ford dealer if he can get me a GT 350 R heritage. A week later they got back to me and said yes. I put a deposit down on the car for an agreed-upon price ($800 off sticker). After much back-and-forth and some concern after the order books closed I...