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  1. Crank re-learn !update!

    Just installed new clutch over the weekend. Is it ok to drive to dealership to have them do crank re learn procedure? Can’t find anyone local with a tool.
  2. venders..sell me a clutch kit

    MY stock clutch has gone out again. Spirited pull and that was all she wrote. I'm sure the disc fell apart like last time. Not going to even bother with dealership. 2015 GT with 13k miles. Car has flex fuel tune, x-pipe, suspension mods, 305's. Will do about 3 dragstrip passes a year, but...
  3. Talk about good luck

    I’ve been seeing a white 2020 gt500 parked not too far from my house lately. The person that lives there seems to be a car guy based on what I’ve seen parked there through out the last year or so, although I’ve never stopped to talk to him. I see over the weekend that he is out by the car so...
  4. 305-30-20 with 20x10.5 45 offset

    How will these fit? Rear: 305-30-20 with a 20x10.5 and 45 offset. Front: 255-35-20 with a 20x9 and 35 offset. Hoping these wont stick out. I'm currently on the stock 20" wheels.
  5. Would you buy, price?

    Local ford dealer is selling a new 18 GT PP A10, 401, digital dash, 3.55 rear. It was used as a demo car and has 2,800 miles. Has not been titled and warranty will start when purchased. Msrp is $49,8xx. What’s a fair price? Thinking I can pick up for $41k ish.
  6. Any 18 manual 1/4 mi. times

    I don’t see any times for the 18’s yet. I know a lot has to do with the driver, but still curious on the average. We all know that the 10 spd turns some great times. I’d say on average, the 15-17 6 speeds are 12.9-13.3’s. Yes, I’m well aware that some have pulled off a 12.6 or 12.7 but that’s...
  7. Speeding ticket

    I just got a speeding ticket in the mustang. I will say that even though I was speeding, I was just keeping up with the other cars. Had the cruise on and didn't think much about it til the lights were on. I actually feel that I was being targeted because it's a bright red Mustang with tinted...
  8. 18 MY news ??

    I've read through a few different threads now, but haven't found what I'm looking for. Does anyone know or have they heard when Ford is releasing the information on the 18's. My local Chevy dealer already has model year 18 Camaros on the lot. I have called my local ford dealers, nothing but...
  9. Factory red GT Spoiler

    Took off last fall for steeda spoiler. $80 plus shipping. Great shape.
  10. H pipe

    I'm looking to install an H pipe. I see a lot of X pipes out there, but only 1 or 2 H pipes. Whose running an H and where did you get it?
  11. Test drove a 16 2SS today

    It's actually a nice car. I'm not a fanboy of any auto maker. I've had many of each manufacture. That being said...... I thought the interior was decent. Looked pretty sharp as this was a black car with the red interior. It could use a little more headroom. The heads up display should be an...
  12. how many have had the stock clutch fail ??

    I've seen a few on here now where the clutch disc has come apart in pieces. Mine came apart with just 286 miles. Car wasn't driven hard either. Just a few spirited take-offs. Started acting up on the highway and wouldnt shift into 4th or 5th. Dealership told and showed me the disc with the...