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  1. Powerglide Shifter w/ 6r80

    So, My thought process is it SHOULD work in theory... Has anybody done it ?
  2. Power Seat as built

    Hey guys, question!!! I'm borrowing a powered leather seat out of a 15', and putting it in my 15' that had leather recaro's.. Does anyone know what as built data is needed so I can get this bad boy to move ? or am I missing a fuse ? Help!
  3. WTB Watson 6 pt.

    As title says. Looking for a watson 6 pt.
  4. Gen 2 Oxford White Whipple head unit

    Looking to see if anyone is interested in my Gen 2 Oxford White head unit... Has approx 18k miles on it. In fantastic shape.. JUST the headunit and 132mm throttlebody is up for sale.. Still works fantastic, Building the car for absolute max effort, so - just trying to squeeze anything and...
  5. Valve cover Gaskets - Year differences..

    So.. Me and a Ford master tech just did a whole bunch of upgrades on my car... Upon reassembly, and first fire - we got a whooooole bunch of oil pouring out of each valve cover gasket - Both kind of blown away.. I purchased the Ford Racing oil pump service gasket kit.. Which includes these...
  6. Comp Cams blower Stage 2

    Did quite a few upgrades over this past weekend to try and squeeze some numbers out of this thing... Fore Innovations Stage 3 Fuel system (Triple TI's, 2300hp fuel package) Comp Cams Stage 2 Blower cams MMR Billet OPG's MMR Billet CS MMR Billet Primary guides MMR Billet Secondary guides...
  7. Tuning adventures of Falkkor

    I just wanted to give a quick post to share my experience having my 2.9L Whipple kit remotely tuned.. This is in NO way a bash on ANY tuner, These are my findings, and my experiences as a paying customer.. And this isn't dyno numbers.. But driveability, which is huge as I daily falkkor and to be...
  8. Whipple Oil Catch Can

    Anybody have pictures of this unit ? I cannot seem to find anything on it... I currently have UPR's, no issues.. Just thinking about swapping to Whipples due to a underhood color swap.. Would like to see some pictures of the unit installed.
  9. Speed of Sound gauge pod

    I know many, like myself are or were searching for a gauge pod solution.. Given the A-Pillar has the curtain airbags, this could be a potential problem.. So - I got in contact with Alan @ Speed of Sound LLC (Per the recommendation of ProjectWhitemare ) So, After speaking with Alan, He advised...
  10. WANTED: Oxford White Trunk w/ Spoiler delete

    Title says it all... Looking for a spoiler delete oxford white trunk!
  11. Looking for an Oxford White spoiler delete deck lid..

    Title is what I'm needing... Stock PP deck lid, spoiler delete deck lid... Whatever you'd like to call it, I'm looking for one, preferably in yz color code.. Let me know!
  12. WTS: Corsa Extreme Cat Back w/ Black Tips

    Looking to sell my Corsa Catback Extreme w/ Black tips. System is in fantastic shape, Tips are perfect. Used for apprx 5k miles.. Everything is in 100% working, condition.. Never an issue - not once.. Just a bit loud for the newborn that's about to arrive. :cool: SoCal local pick up...
  13. Whipple 10-Rib

    Well - I don't want to get into the discussion on if needed or not.. Because it's needed IMO. My question is in regards to overdriving items.. Whipple states you can achieve 20% overdrive with the optional balancer...
  14. Factory Performance Pack wheels.

    Stock performance pack wheels for sale off of Savanah.. 3200 miles, zero flaws. Always washed with the best quality products and dried only with the best rags (Chemical Guys). Pirelli pzeros are factory as well. Great shape. Plenty of life left. No TPMS sensors, they currently have regular valve...
  15. 5 year Anniversary Fuddruckers Meet

    Anybody thinking of attending ? Copied and Pasted from the FB page. 2014 was great and it only gets better in 2015! This month is our 5 year anniversary meet. That's right, we've been going strong for 5 years!! Don't miss out on what is one of our biggest (if not the largest) meets of the...
  16. DEZL50

    No need for your usual introduction... I've built many extreme toys.. This being my first street toy, I've decided to go off the deep end... Follow me on Instagram for day by day updates!!! @Dezl50 Mod list current as of 12/22/2015 with the exception of I'm sure many items... Hah! Was time to...
  17. Delivered!

    Finally!! Pick her up tomorrow.