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  1. Computer died

  2. Computer died

    Ground strap possibly ? loose PCM connections possibly ? Crank relearn ? Something isn't right. I wouldn't jump to say the PCM has failed by any means.. Perhaps if tuned, time to reflash the tune ?
  3. Powerglide Shifter w/ 6r80

    So, My thought process is it SHOULD work in theory... Has anybody done it ?
  4. Startlite hose super smelly?

    Same.. Installing my second system on my s550. Never had a smell.
  5. Power Seat as built

    Hey guys, question!!! I'm borrowing a powered leather seat out of a 15', and putting it in my 15' that had leather recaro's.. Does anyone know what as built data is needed so I can get this bad boy to move ? or am I missing a fuse ? Help!
  6. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Also - Lots of credit/kudos to Zack, zackmd1. And Ray, p6cl for the as built configuration/time invested/info for everyone to benefit from.. I think the next hurdle for some of us is mileage correction. I'm at a loss for that, I spoke with my local speedo shop. They have nothing...
  7. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Here's the as built data I have currently loaded in my car..
  8. Whipple Vacuum Leak?

    Never know, Just wanted to bring it up!
  9. Whipple Vacuum Leak?

    There's this to consider also. https://www.facebook.com/palmbeachdyno/videos/1978295562495984/
  10. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Great question. The as built data could be returned to stock. That's easy. The modification to fit the cluster to the oem cluster mount could pose a problem.. But I suppose you could just use the bottom mounts and send it on its way. The trim/bezel piece uses the same mount, so it should...
  11. WTB Watson 6 pt.

    As title says. Looking for a watson 6 pt.
  12. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    He's implying to read the thread, I believe.. And He's right - All of the info is here, and it is currently spread thin as only a few have approached this.. The information WILL be organized. It just currently is not. We have done lots of looking, digging, research and trial and error, Please...
  13. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Alpine. I wonder if it'd work..
  14. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    I mean, a San Diegan posted right above you, lol. Please read through the thread.. All of the info is here my friend.
  15. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Correct.. Still need the SCCM also.
  16. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    My production date was 11-19-14 *♂️:shrug:
  17. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Awesome! Glad you're up and running! Did you put anything behind the cluster ? I used a piece of dynamat.. Pretty sweet once you get the buttons all done and scroll through the menus! Pretty damn cool.. I haven't gotten to my pc to post pics, but here's a shot on my IG...
  18. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Only missing doors and they're not far away. LOL. Well, quarter panels and other bits too.. But - whatever is realistic will be CF, lol.
  19. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Woooooo :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: Even if something happened, It'd be on them.. Hahah!!! I'm waiting on my Sync 3 from them.. But the rest of my buttons and trim pieces arrive tomorrow finally. 6r80 swap, Sync 3 swap, Now Cluster swap.... Hmmmmmm.... What else am...
  20. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    With the help of Ray providing me some ASBUILT, I got the cluster lined out in forscan and was able to access all 10 blocks of data. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd3W-arjJGn/?taken-by=dezl50 I have my SCCM I need to get installed so I can program the buttons as well.. But. So far, So good. I...