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  1. Connecticut 2016 hm Prototype Mustang - Supercharged.

    Im sadly selling my beloved 2016 holman moody Mustang. It is the 2nd street car prototype hm has made since its inception in 1957. It started life as a Mustang GT PP (I think it was called track pack back then), with as far as I know, all the options. It then got the full Ford Performance...
  2. Backup camera woes

    I know there have be been a bunch of threads on the backup cameras here and believe me, I searched and read them all I think! but my issue so far seems to be just a little bit different. I do get the fuzzy picture occasionally when putting it in reverse, which has been linked to the rear...
  3. LRP Mustang Corral, May 25th

    Lets see how many we can get! https://tickets.limerock.com/orderticketsarea.asp?p=1707&a=2&src=eventperformances&_ga=GA1.2.454105930.1553180218
  4. Need a supercharger

    Anyone know of a supercharger for UK 5.0 Market? Cross posted from here: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/needed-supercharger-kits-for-2018-5-0-uk-market.112182/
  5. Needed: Supercharger kits for 2018 5.0 UK Market

    Are there any superchargers available for the UK market for the 2018 GT? I checked with Roush, as I really like theirs, but they said its not certified for RHD. Not sure what needs to be done or changed to make it work but we are looking for an off the shelf solution. Thank you! Bob
  6. Rear backup cam issues

    Today my camera started giving me a little crap. (see pic). Anyone ever seen this?
  7. One rear signal light is random

    Every once in a while I get fast dash signal indicator when I use my right blinker. one of the 3 bars (the inner most) is occasionally out. If I unplug the the pigtail in the trunk while the signals are on, it fixes it. If the signals arent on, it doesnt fix it. There are no bent pins, no...
  8. If you were to go road racing....

    If you were to build a 5.0 (gen 2 coyote) to go road racing, to be absolutely thrashed every weekend, what would you do to it to make it last? Cant change rotating assembly but can get away with other things. Off hand I can only think of oil pump gear and chain tensioners. Id do extra cooling...
  9. CT Cruise

    I really see nothing in the CT area, and was wondering if there would be any interest in a cruise or a gathering?
  10. CT Fall Cruise

    I really see nothing in the CT area, and was wondering if there would be any interest in a cruise or a gathering?
  11. Is 2016 GT Code or Time based PATS?

    I need to do some key programming (wipe and re-add), but need to know if accessing PATS is time based or Code based.
  12. SVE S350 Gloss Graphite paint code

    You might have already guessed... some debris kicked up and took some paint off one of my wheels :( Anyone know the paint code for these? I also emailed LMR to see if they respond, but if not I thought Id ask here too. :(
  13. Roush P2 Drivetrain Warranty

    I know the P2 kit voids the factory warranty, which is OK for me. And I know you can get a 3/36 warranty right from Roush for P1 tune for $995. Is there a warranty for the P2 kit as well?
  14. CT Mustang Shop

    Anyone know of a place in CT that is good with the S550? Theres a few things I want done that I dont have time to do but dont want to trust it to just anyone.
  15. manual trans gets noiser when warm

    Ive noticed that my MT82 gets noiser as the temp warms up. Anything under a 3 hour drive (insert gilligans island music here) and it is OK. Anything longer and it sounds a little noisier. Still feels great and shifts great... just noisier! Anyone else notice this?
  16. Need alignment after lowering?

    I put in the ford performance springs which lowers I think 1.5". Im also putting on new wheels, 19x10 and 19x11, and Im wondering if I need to realign now. Or if I should get a custom alignment to take advantage of the new setup.
  17. Is there a spring in the shifter?

    My '16 GT PP got a ford performance short shift kit in, which I love. It has the factory shift boot but the black ball knob. The shift boot rattles like a MF on the shaft. It seems like a spring between the ball and the boot flange would cure it but there is nothing there. Should there be?
  18. When will we be able to have a custom background for our sync 3?

    Ive heard rumors of an upgrade for a long time now, to allow us to put custom backgrounds on our screens. Any ideas when it might be available? if at all?
  19. Siel Electronic head unit

    Anyone have any experience with this unit? http://www.sielectronic.com/index.php?m=Products&a=show&id=21 here it is in action... [ame]