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  1. Jmeo's 2020 GT500 Build

    i would be fine with that! White again.
  2. Jmeo's 2020 GT500 Build

    I want to go for a ride! Just busy working, how have you been?
  3. Jmeo's 2020 GT500 Build

    Jaime have the steering wheels changed at all? I still have my carbon steering wheel and wondering if it fits on the gt500?
  4. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    What rear end geara?
  5. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    Whipple was a great experience for me. I'll be getting another one on a 19.
  6. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    Nice what did you rev it to? what octane?
  7. Magnum XL / Mcleod RXT installed...questions

    1200-1500 RPM I can hear this scraping sound its called gear roll over if you lug the car around those rpm you will hear it.
  8. 2018 Whipple

    Pretty sure that's 700 at the crank not the rear wheel like Whipple.
  9. Collinite 915 wax

    Its great stuff I've been using it and 845 for years.
  10. Free two year maintenance

    they use semi/synthetic and its good oil, mine came with 4 years free so i used it.
  11. Twin 55mm dyno graph 12 psi

    What fuel was used?
  12. Flood Ford ESP - Question

    I have 1st day rental, I live close to Flood I bought 2 cars from them.
  13. Flood Ford ESP - Question

    I bought mine for my superduty from flood ford and use it a few times no issues.
  14. 2018 Whipple

    Jared Will you be using Whipple's cal?
  15. 3.15 vs 3.55 in snow or slippery condition

    I have a set of wheels with blizzaks ill be posting for sale.
  16. 3.15 vs 3.55 in snow or slippery condition

    wet/snow mode with snow tires works great.
  17. Ridetech LvL 2 HQ Series (SOLD)

    Just wondering were you able to order the pieces you needed?
  18. Stage 2 gen 3 Whipple results pbd tuned

    Nice but instead of more rpm why not goto 3.625 pulley?
  19. alternate snow tire size

    For best results you would want a taller narrow tire for the snow.