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  1. Texas WTB - Stock Race Red 15-17 GT Hood

    As the title says - looking for a stock 15-17 Race Red hood in good shape. Mine has the dreaded corrosion going on and I just don’t like the aftermarket options to go that route. Let me know what you’ve got. I’m located in Central Texas
  2. Few shots of my GT and my cousins ST (Magnetic)

    Lighting was pretty shitty (sun straight up) but we did what we could considering we work opposite shifts.
  3. SCT Rev X Tuner?

    Anyone know anything about this new SCT device? http://www.americanmuscle.com/vmp-revx-tuner-sct-3customtunes-1517gt-mildnitrous.html Looks to be similar in features to the X4. I can't find any information about it online - it's not listed on the SCT website.
  4. Custom Quad Exit Roush Axlebacks (for GT350 valance)

    SOLD! Looking to sell a one-off custom set of axle backs. I had my Roush axlebacks fabricated to line up with my GT350 rear valance. Since - I've set up an active exhaust setup and will no longer use these. I have had them on the car for about 6 months - about one month after the modifications...
  5. Bit of wiring help

    So I am installing the Borla/Ford Racing active exhaust kit and following the instructions I found posted on another thread. Looks g story short - the instructions call for 12v switched power to come from a blue/white wire in the BCM harness that runs through the trunk. I don't have that wire...
  6. OEM-ish Active Exhaust - All done! Mini write up pg 2

    Has anyone managed to make this happen? I'm not looking for anything like the Roush kit that uses their big ugly knob/plate (and I just want open/closed). It doesn't need to be exactly like the GT350, but having a simple switch would be ideal. I've already got the GT350 catback, just need to see...
  7. Installing a full GT350 catback on a GT

    As the title says - I'm looking to see what all is required when installing a 350 catback on a GT. From what I can tell, it looks like I'll just need reducers on the front of the midpipe where it meets the cats. Is there anything I'm missing here? The rest should go together as usual. I've...
  8. Cap for sound tube removal

    Apparently while I was installing my PMAS intake, I misplaced the small rubber cap and hose clamp that are needed to delete the sound tube. Anyone know where can I pick one up locally?
  9. SCT X4 - $80 shipped

    Unfortunately before I could return my 11 to stock, I traded it in. I have the tuner lying around but it is locked. Asking $80 shipped. In great shape.
  10. 20" Foundry Wheels/Tires/TPMS - $900

    Ended up with an extra set of the 20" Foundry wheels taken off of a 2015 Mustang with about 8k miles. All wheels are in excellent shape with NO curb rash and no damage. Tires are also in excellent condition with lots of tread left. No punctures, nails, etc. 265/35-20s Asking $900 in the Central...
  11. 2016 GT 19'' Dark Stainless Premium Wheels/Tires

    In the middle of getting my new wheels delivered, so these have to go. I've put about 6500 miles on these and they are in excellent shape. No curb rash at all. Very minor road wear - but can get close up photos of a few tiny nicks if need be. Tires are in great shape - though the driver rear did...
  12. WTB : GT Performance Pack wheels/tires - Austin Area

    As the title states - looking to buy a set of PP wheels/tires in good shape. I am located in Leander, TX - but work in Austin daily and often make trips up north to Belton. Let me know what you've got :D