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  1. Connecticut 2016 hm Prototype Mustang - Supercharged.

    Im sadly selling my beloved 2016 holman moody Mustang. It is the 2nd street car prototype hm has made since its inception in 1957. It started life as a Mustang GT PP (I think it was called track pack back then), with as far as I know, all the options. It then got the full Ford Performance...
  2. Backup camera woes

    Excellent, thank you, and great work!
  3. Backup camera woes

    Thanks for the info and the pics! So it was the shield (bare) wire that was broken on yours? In the second picture it still looks broken. Or was a different wire the culprit?
  4. Splicing/repairing satellite radio antenna cable

    You probably wont be able to splice it. Remember coax pretty much uses RF, and the distance from the core to the shield is critical. It cant be treated as electrical splices. You will likely have to replace that entire run.
  5. Backup camera woes

    PS, tonight Im going to at least start by inspecting / repairing the rear harness.
  6. Backup camera woes

    I know there have be been a bunch of threads on the backup cameras here and believe me, I searched and read them all I think! but my issue so far seems to be just a little bit different. I do get the fuzzy picture occasionally when putting it in reverse, which has been linked to the rear...
  7. LRP Mustang Corral, May 25th

    Lets see how many we can get! https://tickets.limerock.com/orderticketsarea.asp?p=1707&a=2&src=eventperformances&_ga=GA1.2.454105930.1553180218
  8. Need a supercharger

    Thats good information, thank you for that. When you find a solution, please pass it along!
  9. Need a supercharger

    Thats great, thank you!!! Much appreciated!
  10. Need a supercharger

    Thanks for that lead! If I buy the roush one here, it will work there on a RHD car? When I contacted Roush they said no....
  11. Need a supercharger

    Anyone know of a supercharger for UK 5.0 Market? Cross posted from here: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/needed-supercharger-kits-for-2018-5-0-uk-market.112182/
  12. Needed: Supercharger kits for 2018 5.0 UK Market

    Are there any superchargers available for the UK market for the 2018 GT? I checked with Roush, as I really like theirs, but they said its not certified for RHD. Not sure what needs to be done or changed to make it work but we are looking for an off the shelf solution. Thank you! Bob
  13. Waze and Google Maps now available on Apple CarPlay

    I think Im missing something. Ive been using waze on my Mustang for a year or more now. Has something changed?
  14. Rear view camera problem

    Is there a TSB for this or something? Im not thinking my dealer will care about my problem (Im seeing the same thing) nor will they replace my camera unless Ford says to.
  15. Rear backup cam issues

    By the way, that makes perfect sense, this started right after I got something out of my trunk. Must have opened and closed it one too many times
  16. Rear backup cam issues

    Thats great info, thank you much! Ill check it out this weekend and report back.
  17. Rear backup cam issues

    Today my camera started giving me a little crap. (see pic). Anyone ever seen this?
  18. ***Urgent*** Check Clutch Line At Brake Master Cylinder

    Glad I checked mine... it was about 90% off! I slipped it back on and put on a .20 cent zebra clamp. Good to go forever I hope.