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  1. Dynomax race bullet mufflers question.

    Picked up a set of these in 3" configuration today (part # 24250). My goal is to help get rid of the "raspy" part to full throttle exhaust tone Im getting out of the MBRP and MAK cat delete combo I now have. It sounds great at moderate to light throttle until around 3k and then there is a...
  2. WTB Ruby Red MMD-V Series Spoiler

    Will do, Thanks.
  3. WTB Ruby Red MMD-V Series Spoiler

    Good to know, Thanks.
  4. WTB Ruby Red MMD-V Series Spoiler

    Yeah I saw that one yesterday and Im watching it but kinda worried it might have issues with the finish. I messaged them but havent gotten a response back on it. Thanks. :cheers:
  5. WTB Ruby Red MMD-V Series Spoiler

    Title says it all. Thanks.
  6. Cat Recommendation

    :coolphotos: :cool: :D
  7. Can Tuner disable PATS

    Not a bad idea but just know the software is mega detailed and you need to know in depth tuning stratagies or you can easily F- something up in a hurry. I used it to datalog and send n recieve tune updates on my old LS stuff.
  8. GT350 intake w/o headers

    Did you change the shift rpms to get most the gains and if so how much are you spinning it to? What is the rest of the exhaust setup if you are running stock mani's?
  9. Pmas Intake New Design

    I hate to trash talk a company's product but if I had to choose one Id go with the original box design. The new one looks like some of the flebay "cold air" kits with metal tubing and heat shields that sell for $50 or so. :tsk:
  10. Can Tuner disable PATS

    "HP Tuners" is whats its called. Its software you buy and load on to a laptop or desktop computer. :thumbsup:
  11. GT350 intake w/o headers

    Good to know, I just purchased cat deletes instead of headers based on reading this kind of feedback from yourself as well as several others. :threadjacked: Im curious if the gt350 mani is worth it at this point vs its current cost of just upwards of $600. I can get the tune revised for...
  12. Mak cat delete pipes

    Money sent, Thanks.
  13. Cat Recommendation

    According to the pics and description on their site you are correct.
  14. D1 Procharger Head Unit

    True dat. :doh:
  15. D1 Procharger Head Unit

    None of my buisness but I thought you should know, used D1's generally go for $1800-$2000. I bought my last D1 for $1800 with 6k miles on it. :thumbsup:
  16. Just wanted some opinions of my exhaust.... (Video)

    Cut n weld exhaust pipe in place of the cats or weld mak cat deletes in instead of bolting them in? :shrug:
  17. Just wanted some opinions of my exhaust.... (Video)

    True, but I was curious if the MBRP's h pipe would balance out the exhaust pulses more and keep the rasp to a minimum vs most other exhaust setups x pipe that does not.
  18. Just wanted some opinions of my exhaust.... (Video)

    Sounds good in car when crusing and is beastly outside for sure. My concern Is it more raspy at part throttle than with cats? I have the street series and I have been tempted to go with cat delete pipes or catless LT's. I dont want the crappy raspy sound like a friends car had with catless LT's...
  19. Steeda cai vs jlt cai your thoughts

    Ok, now I see. I actually thought about something like this. I was curious if that was a open window made by Steeda on purpose for when the car was not up to speed and needed a bigger shot of air than it could pull from the snorkel without being a restriction. It could simply pull from there...