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  1. Me and my old mustang photos -Post pics of your old Mustangs

    Man… I’ve had a few from the age of 16 to 31. 00 V6 Mustang. Bought it wrecked for $2k, had some body work and paint done. By the end I had done cam, LT headers, upper and lower intake manifolds, 4.10s, and it was making ~240whp when done and kept up with 99-04 GTs. Surprised a lot of people...
  2. GT350 Rear Valence Exhaust Tip Removal

    There are 2 small screws and 2 larger screws holding them in IIRC. Those rivets are not a problem, don’t remove them. Look at the holes on the top and bottom. ETA oh and one in the middle between the two tips. That one was a pain in the ass to get out.
  3. thespoilercompany

    Do you have the link to the exact spoiler you purchased? Looks great.
  4. New quad tip diffuser

    So I got the MP concepts valance after seeing this post. For the most part it’s a decent piece, but the three piece system is terrible. The seams look like garbage up close, but overall I’d give it a 3/5. The 18+ roush axle backs lined right up with it. Even with the SVE single tips I had...
  5. Texas WTB - Stock Race Red 15-17 GT Hood

    As the title says - looking for a stock 15-17 Race Red hood in good shape. Mine has the dreaded corrosion going on and I just don’t like the aftermarket options to go that route. Let me know what you’ve got. I’m located in Central Texas
  6. Front grill delete kit.

    ^^ I did the same as above.

    Wow. I completely misread the whole thing. Oops :lol:

    Bring it to Texas ;) GT350 valance with the Magnaflow GT350 catback and active exhaust.
  9. Fuel 93 octane with ethenol or 90 octane no ethenol

    If the octane is accurate, I would assume the 93 gives more power but the 90 will give better mpg since there's no ethanol
  10. Switched cigar/power port(s)

    This. Stock timeout is 15 min. With ForSCAN you can change it to immediate time out, 15 minutes, or off (leaving it hot all the time)
  11. Over waxed

    Pencil eraser has worked for me - after using it there was no residue or "staining" left.
  12. Any use/value to stock exhaust?

    You'll be fine. You're over thinking it - it's just exhaust. People run stock mufflers with 700+hp and no issues.
  13. Dad's getting his GT supercharged

    The 3v won't be making 500hp or anywhere near it. The "safe" limit for the 3v bottom end is generally accepted to be around 450whp. The tune will probably be conservative and put him between 400-425.
  14. Shaker™ Pro Audio System vs. Premium 9 Speaker System

    lol space isn't reduced much at all. And with that said, I don't use the trunk for anything. We have an explorer sport for that.
  15. Shaker™ Pro Audio System vs. Premium 9 Speaker System

    I added a Zenclosure single 10'' rear facing sub box with a Kicker CVX and Kicker CXA600.1 mono amp. It absolutely blows the stock 12 speaker sub away. Not even remotely comparable. In my 16 I have the 9 speaker and my moms ecoboost has the 12. Any time I drive hers I am disappointed in the...
  16. VooDoo One & Out ???

    I don't think they would spend that R&D to only have it in production for 3 years.
  17. Quad tipped exhausts?

    Another option is getting a GT350 catback if you can find a used one. I picked up a full Magnaflow catback for $650 and built my own active exhaust setup. The valve is in place already so all you need to do is wire the motors. Only works if you've got a 350 valance though.