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  1. Arizona Afe intake for sale

    I sold my dads car awhile back and I have this intake for sale. Has less than 500 miles on it. Basically brand new Asking $275 shipped
  2. Arizona Sct x4 tuner

    Pretty much never used this. Just to diagnose a few things and then sold the car Un married with 5 unlocks left $260 shipped
  3. Arizona Watson roll cage and gt500 rear seat delete

    Sold my car and I'm listing my remaining parts. gt500/gt350r rear seat delete. It's geat condition as my car only had 6k miles on it. Fits all 2015+ mustangs. Predrilled for rollcage Located in Tucson Arizona $399 local Arizona pick up only!
  4. Arizona 2015 Whipple GT custom build

  5. Brand new TSS opg and MMR sprocket

    Bought these new from beefcake for $675 about a year ago and never installed. Asking for $370 shipped to 48 states. :cheers: imagehost
  6. Whipple gen 3 rotors!

    Awesome news! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZTry7UFgZs/
  7. Beithperformance custom steering wheel review

    So I decided to upgrade my wheel. I had the GT350 wheel previously and while I did like it, the wheel was just a little bit too skinny for my hands. Same story with the oem leather wheel. Anyways I found beithperformance on Instagram and had been admiring them for a few months before I...
  8. GT350 steering wheel perfect condition

    Up for sale is my Gt 350 wheel. It's basically brand new.. Maybe a few hundred miles on it. Mint condition :headbang: $280 shipped to the 48 states.
  9. Mgw with Wc lathe werks

    I just ordered a wc knob for my mgw. Just curious if anyone else has done this already and if so could you please post up some pics! I wrote wc lathe werks an email to make sure it would fit the mgw and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I had one on my 370z and a weighted shift knob is the...
  10. Recaros for sale in Tucson

  11. Premium Recaro vs GT 350 Recaro

    Scored some 350 seats. Love them! So some interesting things to mention. The 350 seats sit about an inch lower. The 350 bolsters are way tighter material. And the 350 seats are lighter... I'd say about 10 lbs each. Very happy with them. And yes I'll be selling the premium Recaro...
  12. Premium black leather rear seats

    Never been sat in. Absolutely mint condition. Smells new. Car has less than 3000 miles $180+ shipping
  13. PP struts & shocks with Eibach Sportiness, PP sway bars

    My car only has 3000 miles on it. So yea, basically brand new:headbang: And ready to install!:cheers: $400 + shipping And PP sways bars with less than 100 miles on them if that. $150 + shipping
  14. Ridetech coilover with aftermarket swaybar issue

    To make a long story short... I installed my ridetech coilover kit last weekend.. Took it for a few short drives and everything seemed perfect. Go for a Canyon/Mountain drive yesterday and as I'm heading back down the hill I start hearing an awful crunch during braking. Driving home...
  15. Need Opg install in Arizona

    Likes the title says I'm looking for a Opg install in Tucson/Phoenix. I would normally be doing this myself but I'm getting lazy these days. Also need my rxt clutch installed as well. Can anyone direct me to a shop or if any of you members with first hand experience located near me feel...
  16. Cobra jet intake for Whipple

    Just saw this listed and was wondering if anyone has it yet? Installed pictures? What does the filter look like? Works with Whipple's tune? http://www.lethalperformance.com/ford-performance-2015-2017-mustang-cobra-jet-air-inlet.html
  17. AC belt install? Whipple 10 rib

    How does the AC belt go on with the whipple ten rib/ati damper? I saw the ford manual showing a zip tie but that method won't work with the ati damper...:mad: Edit nvm... Zip ties worked lol
  18. How to remove alternator pulley? Whipple 10 rib related

    In the middle of the Whipple ten rib install and I'm not sure how to get the alternator pulley off?
  19. ATI damper install how to?

    Anyone have some good details/pics of this? :cheers: Would be appreciated!