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  1. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    Power Sun Roof....really love those on my previous cars (SHO, F150)
  2. Should You De-Iron Your Car for it's First Wash

    Why would you not? You are not going to damage the paint with it, so better safe than sorry right?
  3. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Because its not a Mustang
  4. Tune for Power Pack 2

    Yeah that is my question/concern is there enough left to justify the new tuner and tune...probably not.
  5. Tune for Power Pack 2

    This - not looking to mod the FP tune, just wondered if any of the bigger names (livernois, Lund) may have a tune already for the hardware. Will reach out to Livernois - had their tune on my '12 Taurus SHO and really liked their service/product.
  6. Tune for Power Pack 2

    I have the Ford Performance Power pack 2 and the tune that comes with it on my 2016 GT. Anyone one know if any of the tuners out there have a "stock" tune for that setup? Wanting to pull more of what Ford left on the table (if its there). TIA
  7. Cleaning your undercarriage ( don't laugh)

    I have one very similar, maybe a bit longer also got it from Amazon they work great
  8. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    Honestly if they didn't slap a pony on it (like the abomination that is the Mach-E) I would buy an s550/s650 based Sedan in a heartbeat.
  9. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    I would love a 4dr RWD/AWD performance sedan - not sure who's but certainly not a Mopar/Chevy. Cmon Ford pull your head out and lets get a SHO back? (Loved my '12 SHO).
  10. Long tube headers question

    Are you going to do the install or have a shop? Find a good custom exhaust shop and have them fab one up.
  11. Anyone order before April and still no car?

    I just read an article today (7/29) that stated Ford still had over 60,000 cars sitting waiting for chips. Seems the shortage is still having an impact.
  12. Air conditioning died suddenly today...help!

    Had a similar incident on my 2016 it ended up that the test schrader valve on the freon line failed and vented the freon. Was covered under warranty at that time, but if I recall it was a fairly inexpensive fix (did need a full recharge)
  13. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    2016 GT Prem/PP and 30K miles - Carvana $33,500 which is around $2,500 less than I paid new.
  14. Car and Driver review...WTF!!

  15. Whats a Little Thing You Love and a Little Thing You Hate?

    Hmmm...lots to like, but I will go with others. Wish the drive-mode were sticky, however after 5yrs my muscle memory is pretty good - push start, two clicks on mode and into Sports+.
  16. Upgrade from FP Power Pack 2

    I have a '16 GT/PP and have the Ford Performance Power Pack 2 (GT350 MAF/CAI and a Tune). Now that the warranty is up I want to "step up" to a 3rd party tune. I had a Livernois tune on my '12 SHO that was killer so will look at them. Anyone else "step up" from FP Tune? Any recommendations?
  17. Ford Performance tune w/no bolt ons

    The beauty of the FP Tune (I have the Power pack 2 on my '16) is the warranty stays intact. Yes you can get an aftermarket tune that gives more power but if there is an issue you will be fighting Ford Corp for warranty work. Now that my warranty is up I am going to look at other tunes that...
  18. CHEAP? Rear decklid plastic where the GT emblem sits?

    That kinda makes sense that Ford changed materials at some point. I have seen several threads like your and always scratched my head...I mean mine is perfect after 5yrs. Damn penny pinchers always find a way to f things up. I wonder if you could get a replacement then hit it with clear bra...
  19. Wrecked Mach-E

    One less abomination on the road...good riddance
  20. CHEAP? Rear decklid plastic where the GT emblem sits?

    I must have gotten a unicorn version, mine is 5yrs old (2016) and I wash it ALOT (its my therapy) and it has narry a scratch. As others have said good wash practices go a LONG way - two bucket wash, pre-spray, pre-soak, etc etc.