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  1. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    I just attended today. I am super glad to have done this before attempting to take my car on the track by myself. It was so informative, and such a great time! I add my recommendation to all of the others who have taken the class. Definitely do it when you have the opportunity. I just wish I...
  2. I'm not excited for the new GT500

    Having paid ADM for the gt350r, I personally think I will not be in a hurry to repeat the process, after having seen what happened with the gt350. To me, it seems like Ford needs to be more straightforward about the production run. Remember when the gt350 came out, and many rumors placed the...
  3. For those that got PPF on a 350R - how do you deal with the Shelby Badges?

    I believe my installer also cut around them.

    The dealer that I got my R from in 2017 let me know that they have a 2018 R model available for sale. It is black with black stripes, and has the electronics package. They did not discuss the price with me, and I did not ask. When I ordered mine in April 2016, I agreed to a $15k adm, but at...
  5. Learn Manual For This Car?

    It is well worth learning and not just for this car. It’s a useful skill to know, despite manual cars becoming less and less common. Plus, this car is definitely worth it! As far as learning, it just takes practice, the more the better. As others have said, it would help if you know someone who...
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the day, hopefully with the help of your gt350!
  7. Poll: How many R owners bought a non-R first?

    I thought about which car to order for months, but ultimately I fell in love with the black R with black and red stripes, and the look of the R spoiler so that was my goal on ordering. For the price of either model, I feel like the car ought to be EXACTLY what you want, so I spent the extra for...
  8. Paint protection..Xpel, Suntek, or 3M pro

    I had suntek with Xpel matte over the stripes. It looks fantastic, very happy with both films so far after about 6months. As other threads have said!I think the most important factor is the quality of the installation. Make sure you find someone who has a good reputation to do the work.
  9. 350 vs 350R?

    As others have said, which one provides the options you want, (I.e. which do you prefer), and what can you afford? The R has real advantages, but nothing that can’t be compensated for by upgrading the non-R. However, unless you are a really advanced driver, both exceed most casual drivers’...
  10. GT350R and ZL1 1LE MTBDC comparison

    I am glad that the Camaro is such a capable track car, and that the standard is set so high. Kudos to GM for such an impressive effort. I hope Ford's next offering is even better, and we can look forward to the next halo mustang turning the tables! All that said, however, I have come to the...
  11. Jefc73's GT350R/HR828

    Beautiful car, that is the best color combination, in my biased opinion! :thumbsup: You will love driving it, so much fun, and the sound it makes..... Congratulations! :ford:
  12. To All Of The People In Texas And In Particular The Houston Area

    If you are with the ATF team that came through the Woodlands on Monday night, I was the doc for the facility you guys stopped at for a bathroom break. Thank you guys so much for coming in to assist with everything! It was really something to see such a huge convoy of trucks and buses, all coming...
  13. Anyone else think the exhaust is too raspy?

    Nope, love the sound. It is one of the biggest pluses for this car, compared to its competitors. Mine never leaves sport mode unless it is really, really early, or really, really late (and then only in my neighborhood.
  14. Does your chassis number have any special meaning for you?

    HR305...305 is pretty similar to 350, so I really like it.
  15. ESE turn off via ForScan finally last post

    I would say just open the window. Nothing fake about that noise.
  16. Car History Poll

    1994 mustang (v6) 2007 mustang (v6) - current 2017 mustang gt350R - current
  17. Anyone do a special contract when ordering an R?

    I put down a $7k "nonrefundable" deposit on my R order in 4/2016. The stipulation being obviously that the car be delivered and in good condition (otherwise I would get the money back). I waited a year to take delivery (3/29/17), and paid $15k adm, the lowest I found anywhere within my state...
  18. HR612 Intro - Sort-of New Member

    Best color combination!! It looks like my car's twin. Congratulations, it looks so nice, hope you enjoy it!!
  19. Xpel experts, please

    It sounds like it will look great! I hope it turns out to your liking. Make sure to post up some pictures when it's done! :cheers:
  20. Xpel experts, please

    Ok, here are some close ups, as best I could manage. Apologies, the car is a bit dirty, as it got rained on while driving home the other day, and I have been too busy with work for a wash. In reviewing the pictures, I feel the lines are more visible in the pictures than in real life, to me at...