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  1. California WTB GT350 R oem front splitter

    Let me know, thank you!
  2. BMR SCB766 Centering Sleeves Don't Fit Rear Holes

    I will never understand why people come on here to complain instead of going to the source. Come on man.
  3. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    People like him wouldn’t be on the radar if everyone didn’t care so much. Who gives a flying about this guy and his opinion? Hes no better than the half naked women and other tools doing whatever that can to stay relevant and rack up that like count.
  4. Dipstick hard to read

  5. Looking to purchase a GT350R. Looking to learn as much as possible.

    Don’t make me wait too long.
  6. Looking to purchase a GT350R. Looking to learn as much as possible.

    This forum is doomed, just forum trolls asking questions about a car they will never buy. Every question you have has been answered multiple times on this forum.
  7. Any word on a manual transmission option for 2021 or 22?

    This is why this forum has gone to s!*t. The same damn question week after week from people who realistically won’t even buy the car.
  8. Tracking the EcoBoost

    Not really, I traded it in lol
  9. Tracking the EcoBoost

    Yes surface temp was around 450f on a 110 degree day.
  10. Tracking the EcoBoost

    My EB was a 15 without a diff probe, diff issues were just becoming a thing for the platform. Keep an eye on that and you’ll be ok
  11. Monitoring Engine Temp - no oil temp

    I rarely comment on the forums these days but yes you are correct. Your eb is thanking you for that extra cooling.
  12. GT350/R and GT500 knuckle comparison.

    Great stuff, I’m not usually a fan of parts sharing but this is a very cool way of doing such.
  13. Installing oem stripes

    Use water and some soap in a spray bottle Do not apply dry
  14. BMR jacking rail getting deformed

    I’ll never understand why people don’t contact the manufacture first, what can we/I do as a fellow consumer? When your furnace goes out do you go on the forum to say that your furnace is busted? No, you contact the installer or manufacture. I’ve had issues with Steeda stuff, BMR stuff, and...
  15. Heated/cooled seats vs Recaro

    There are 100+ threads with this question. If you do not track and have a bad back, do not get the Recaros
  16. Track Day Warranty

    I blew my motor at the track and had a new crate motor in the car within 3 weeks with no cost out of pocket. They knew where it happened as well. Depends on the dealer.
  17. California WTB GT350 Front Bumper and hood

    Looking for a white hood and front bumper. located near San Francisco CA
  18. Keep active exhaust closed w/ WOT

    It will do the job other than the starting procedure. as for the procedures, thank the government. My dad turns off the start/stop feature in his bmw every morning.
  19. Keep active exhaust closed w/ WOT

    Good point, I had the grimspeed plugs before as well and forgot about that. I have the specs for the factory valves, they are the same on all of the dodge chargers, challengers, audis etc. it states that they are NC, normally closed. Perhaps it’s a typo.