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  1. My new 2018 GT350R - amazing car!

    I am happy to hear that! Car looks incredible! Hope she brings you many years of smiles.
  2. My new 2018 GT350R - amazing car!

    I bet he bought from Fusion Luxury Motors that had it listed at $99k along with 2 other super low mile R’s at the same price.
  3. Prices are on the rise......

    What’s the price tag going to be on that thing that is now delayed until 2023? $120-$140k? One of those massive Corvette dealerships already has a waiting list of 500 plus deep. Anyone who is not already high on a wait List is probably looking at 2024 at the earliest to get behind the wheel of...
  4. 2020 GT350R sold for $105k!!!!

    PM sent.
  5. 2020 GT350R sold for $105k!!!!

    We have been in touch rather frequent. Told him I might sell to free up cash for a Cessna 414A partnership. He mentioned he was looking at a 2020 R locally.
  6. 2020 GT350R sold for $105k!!!!

    Are you actively looking for one with a Ford performance rear seat? I can help.
  7. Tire shop hustle.

    Thanks guys. That’s been my gut feeling too. Just haven’t experienced something like this before so I am glad to know that you guys aren’t saying I should be hammering these guys. The tires I bought for $400 anyways... so it sucks but it is what it is. Thanks again!
  8. Tire shop hustle.

    Looking for opinions on what I should do about what I believe is a hustle I got caught up in. I recently had a set of project 6GR wheels for sale on offer up that also was wrapped in barely used cup 2 tires. I sold the wheels to a gentleman on Saturday but he didn’t want the tires. i met him at...
  9. GT350R tire option?

    Thank you for the post. I just cashed out a set of cup 2’s after 3 track days and maybe 400 miles. I love how they perform on the track, but for me, I’d rather have a few second sacrifice on track for a tire that still has excellent performance but will last me a lot longer. So unless the idea...
  10. GT350R tire option?

    Hi Guys, currently shredded through OEM sized Cup 2 tires. I purchased a set of barely touched Cup 2’s locally that are 305/30/19 for all tires. I was planning to dismount/mount them once fronts started to wear a bit from street/occasional track days and move them to rears and move rears to the...
  11. Front splitter sandblasted

    Funny enough it was me wanting to keep up with this BMW M3 track weapon that runs some incredible times. I rode his ass hard on the straightaway around 130mph when I recall the shot gun blast of debris he launched. It was worth it to feel that buzz of adrenaline from really getting at it with a...
  12. Front splitter sandblasted

    I should preface that I might be selling the car. So it’s that fine line of enjoying tracking it and trying to manage the wear and tear. If I decide to keep it which is mostly likely what I’m siding with, something like this doesn’t bother me personally.
  13. Front splitter sandblasted

    So the one day I didn’t gorilla tape the splitter on the track I got it slightly sand blasted. I’m just curious if anyone far more smarter than me knows if it’s possible to heal these small little dings or if a full replacement would be the only option. Obvious it’s just slight cosmetic stuff...
  14. Rear seat assembly pricing?

    How would a Ford performance R rear seat kit price out on the market now? I’d imagine a bit more than $1000.
  15. Received an offer from Vroom that I could not refuse

    Crazy how vroom is all over the map! $61k was the offer for my 2018 R with 4800 miles on it.
  16. GT350R front wheel clean up

    After I went out to clean the wheels, the left side wheel weights was worse! Is this just cheap adhesive that for heated up from the rotors? I’ve never seen this after 20 or so track days I’ve done ok multiple different cars.
  17. GT350R front wheel clean up

    That’s incredible! I will give it a whirl ASAP. Thanks for sharing!
  18. GT350R front wheel clean up

    Thanks guys! Im looking forward to a nice deep clean out on these bad boys. Appreciate the input!
  19. GT350R front wheel clean up

    Pretty dirty after being out yesterday on the track. 5 total track days since ownership in January. Looking deep into the barrel it looks like maybe a bit of flaking too.
  20. GT350R front wheel clean up

    Sorry guys, just looks like a lot of brake dust baked in. I’m going to take the wheels off today to give them a close look and deep cleaning. Just not sure if there is anything special to do for the ceramic coating to brighten it up.